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Iyabo Ojo Sues Naira Marley, Seeks Damages Of N1 Billion

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Iyabo Ojo Sues Naira Marley, Demands N1 Billion In Damages

Despite the backlash, the actress said in a statement that she has no regrets fighting for justice for the late Ilerioluwa Aloba, also known as Mohbad, and his family on her Instagram handle.

Iyabo reaffirmed her steadfast commitment to obtaining justice and fairness for Mohbad, asserting that she has never bullied anyone and that she vehemently opposes bullying in all its forms.

The actress, who gained notoriety in 1998 for her performance in the Satanic film, declared that she and millions of others worldwide value justice for Mohbad.

Iyabo Ojo Sues Naira Marley, Demands N1 Billion In Damages

“I emphatically reject all forms of bullying and for me to bully, it is to continuously denigrate, hurt, and cause harm to others, and that is not me. Stepping on that dress on the show was a way to get talking points for the show for entertainment purposes, and we succeeded. No harm was meant.

“One of my main goals of starring on a reality TV show was to entertain everyone and give you all a show worthy of your time. I made sure that drama was the centrepiece of the show. In the midst of that drama, I may have offended some people and displayed some behaviours that are certain attributes to bullies. For that, I am truly sorry to all that I have offended,” she said.

Iyabo insisted that she was called a showoff actress and unfairly criticised for calling for Mohbad’s justice.

The actress, who was born in Lagos, said that people who know her are aware of her generosity and that she constantly looks out for, nurtures, and encourages people behind the scenes.

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After seeing her daughter Priscilla Ojo’s critical post, she said She expressed how saddened she was by Naira Marley and said she could only imagine how difficult it must be for her and her brother to be singled out for abuse on the internet just because of her.

As a mother, the actress claimed that the post touched her, and she vowed to give her wards everything. She also thanked her spouse for his steadfast assistance throughout the storm.

The actress said, “When we agree, we can live together in peace. Even in our differences, we can learn to be cordial towards each other.”


The actress’s daughter, Priscilla Ojo, used her Instagram account on December 14th to stand up for her mother against Naira Marley’s alleged libel and defamation threats of a N500 million lawsuit.

Without going into details to avoid potentially damaging or contentious details, she called the singer’s legal action a “surprising move” in light of the evidence that is currently against him.

Olalekan Ojo, a senior advocate and Naira Marley’s attorney, demanded in a statement on December 15th that the actress publicly apologise to the singer for her alleged defamatory remarks.

The singer’s legal team threatened to sue for up to N500 million if Ojo did not issue an apology within seven days on Instagram and in a national daily newspaper.

Mohbad, a former artist on Naira Marley’s record label, sadly died on September 12th at the age of 27.

Following his passing, Naira Marley has been accused of harassing Mohbad or planning harassment for the singer, accusations that he fiercely refutes.

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Prior to his sudden passing, Mohbad had voiced concerns and blamed his former label head, Naira Marley, for possible consequences in the event that something happened to him.

The public’s attention has been drawn to Naira Marley and his associate, Balogun Eletu, also known as Sam Larry, since Mohbad’s death.

The late singer’s cause of justice advocacy has been spearheaded by actress Ojo.

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