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Keys To Understanding Women

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Keys To Understanding Women
You may be surprised that there are keys to understanding women. However, this key is as important as the joy and companion in the marriage. Do you think that it is not possible?

When your wife comes to you with her problems, the typical male response is to take out the tools and start fixing everything. This works sometimes, but most often ends up being a backfire. Because? Because, in reality, she does not want you to fix her problems. She just wants to have someone who can empathize with her.

Being open and empathetic has a power in strengthening the union in your relationship that will never be found in the simple answer of trying to make things better. While the latter is always easier, it is really the first that helps us understand.


Alongside empathy, women want to feel secure. When they come to you with their problems, they want to feel that they are in a safe place, where they are not judged or dismissed as crazy or overly concerned. They want their feelings validated. If you can not provide this security, do not be surprised if your wife seeks out her mother or friends to discuss her problems.

This desire for security can also explain the physical desires of women. Most women tend to want to date and marry someone taller than them, or with muscular men. These things are just a representation of your desire to be physically secure as well as emotionally.

Self esteem
The fact is that it’s not just women who deal with self-esteem issues. They simply express this need in a more visible way than men. Therefore, this need must be answered in a similar way. They need to feel loved. They need to feel that you believe in their importance. They do not have to feel stupid or insignificant.

We live in a world where women are treated as objects everywhere they go. Expectations for perfection are overwhelming. Do not let yourself fall into this culture. You chose your wife, for several reasons. Remind her of these reasons many times.

Do not generalize

After all said and done, it is difficult to understand women because they are subject to basic generalizations. Regardless of your emotions or your driving skills, some men tend to put them all in the same bag. But this should not be the case.

Even with the suggestions mentioned above, every woman has different needs. One way of being empathetic with one woman may not work with another. Each has its own personality, dreams and desires. So do not get caught up in generalizing your wife’s needs. Although she can sometimes “act like a woman”, always having that kind of approach with her can make it harder for you to see her as she really is.

Try this tricks out and ket us know how they had worked out for you.

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