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Know the benefits of physical exercise for sleep

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Know the benefits of physical exercise for sleep
Are you the type that likes to take the necessary and important care to keep your health up to date? Do you care for your food, preferring fresh foods to canned foods, fruits, and vegetables instead of sweets and fried foods? Do you take the recommended amount of water and besides, does everything also work out daily?

We all know the medical recommendations to ensure good health and we know the importance of practicing physical exercises, but what few people know is that the practice of physical exercises is also beneficial to ensure a good night’s sleep.

You can notice, on the days when you practice physical exercises of any kind you tend to sleep much better, this is a proven fact.

Physical activities help our body a lot:

Improves sleep
Because they prolong the time of deep sleep, the one with which we relax our body and mind as well as increase our immunity, and help reduce stress and anxiety.

Reduces stress
When we are stressed we commonly sleep badly, we can not get a direct sleep, we wake up at all times. However, if we even stress that we can spend at least five minutes on physical exercise, our sleep can improve a lot, since it reduces cortisol, the stress hormone, and that makes us sleep much better and calmer.

Improves the amount of sleep
The practice of daily exercises makes us spend more energy leaving us more tired. That alone would be a good reason to lie down and relax, but research indicates that sleep, after a day of physical exercise, improves the amount of sleep, that is, we can sleep more.

Reduces insomnia
If you suffer from insomnia you can start practicing exercises and little by little you will see your problem solved. Research shows that the benefits of exercise mean that insomnia is reduced little by little.

There is no predetermined amount of hours of physical exercise to bring about the benefits of sleep, but some associations indicate at least one hundred and fifty minutes of exercise per week, ie thirty minutes a day, five days a week, this time would already be enough for everyone to feel an improvement in sleep quality.

If you are not yet adept at exercising, it is more than time to review your concepts.

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