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Lady Sets Lover On Fire Because He Refused To Marry Her In Lagos

by Family Reporter
Lady Kills Her Lover Because He Refused To Marry Her In Lagos

At Akoro, Badagry West Local Council Development Area, LCDA, Lagos State, a woman by the name of Toyin set her boyfriend Moses Baba-Agba on fire because he didn’t want to keep the relationship going.

According to what was learned, the boyfriend forced Toyin to undergo a pregnancy test after realizing she wasn’t expecting because he had been paying her for antenatal care for the previous few months.

Lady Sets Lover On Fire Because He Refused To Marry Her In Lagos
Lady Sets Lover On Fire Because He Refused To Marry Her In Lagos

Toyin, 24, told Moses, 26, that she was pregnant a few weeks ago, and Moses had been paying for antenatal care until last week.

When Moses instructed her to get a scan to find out the condition of the unborn child, according to Pedetin Baba-Agba, an aunt of the deceased.

She claimed that when it was her turn to use the scanning machine, it malfunctioned.

As a result, Mose’s mother took her to the hospital, where it was discovered that she was not pregnant as claimed.

As a result, Moses ended the relationship.

The deceased person’s family claimed they were unaware that Moses had informed her that he was no longer interested in the relationship.

On Friday night, Toyin deceived Moses’ sister staying with him and took her to the seaside for fresh air. On getting there, Toyin told her to wait because she wanted to pick some clothes at home. When Toyin got home, Moses was already sleeping.

She poured petrol on him and set him on fire after locking him in the room. She then escaped with Moses’ phone but as she was fleeing, she was badly wounded on the leg by the raging inferno that spread across the rooms.

Moses struggled alone in the room for a long time before he could break the door and ran to my house for help. At first, we did not know it was Moses because he was burnt beyond recognition. In the ensuing confusion, we poured oil on him but to no avail.

We then rushed him to General hospital where they referred us to the hospital at Ikeja where Moses later died on Monday. His body is presently at the mortuary in Badagry.

“We are pleading with Nigerians to come to our aid. We have also learned that this lady had allegedly stabbed her former husband to death in Ajara, Badagry and nothing was done about it. The lady was tracked down to a church and she was handed over to the police. We don’t know what they are going to do about it yet.”

Similar to the previous incident, another one occurred in the Gome community, close to Owode Apa, Badagry West LCDA.

On November 13 when John, whose last name is unknown, allegedly set a man on fire for having an affair with his wife.

Giving vivid details of how the incident took place, a brother to the deceased,

Gabriel Fred told Vanguard; “I got a call that Sunday was set ablaze on Sunday around midnight.

On getting there, they had taken him to the hospital. I proceeded to the hospital where I discovered that he was seriously burnt. I was told to go and get some drugs for him on Monday but he died later that day.

Lady Kills Her Lover Because He Refused To Marry Her In Lagos
Lady Kills Her Lover Because He Refused To Marry Her In Lagos

“From the information we gathered, Sunday went out that faithful day with his girlfriend. She said she was not feeling well and was vomiting. So, he brought her home and had to wait to make sure she got better before he leaves.

He then sat down at the front of the house where the girlfriend was sharing an apartment with her married elder sister and he slept off.

“It was while he was asleep that the husband to the elder sister came home to discover a strange man sleeping in front of his house with a packed motorcycle.

He immediately went to buy petrol, poured it on the stranger and set him ablaze. It was later discovered that the enraged husband had mistaken Sunday for a man having affair with his wife.”

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A local gas station owner claimed that John had stopped by her that evening, just before the incident, to buy gas without knowing what he was going to use it for.

Additionally, it was learned that John had admitted to his father that he had lit the wrong person on fire and had no idea it was Sunday.

According to Vanguard, Sunday’s girlfriend was detained but later released on bail because the police were unable to apprehend John and his wife because they had both managed to flee.

The police in Badagry received a report of the incident.

According to a source at Area K police command, the woman in question cannot be arrested due to the leg injury she has, and police don’t detain injured people as a result.

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