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Lady Stripped Naked And Tortured By Her Father And Brothers. The Reason Will Shock You

by Kufre Ekpo

There is a terrifying video of a grown-up lady, who was subjected to extreme torture by her father and brothers for allegedly in possession of a sex toy. The young lady was stripped naked, held down by matured men whom they said to be her family members, and was flogged mercilessly while she pleaded.

 “Daddy please…brother please… mummy…”. She screamed. The woman is heard begging in Igbo language as the men held her down and flogged her. One of her male family members gagged her mouth with a cloth when her screaming got too loud.

However, she was warned that the flogging will continue if she screamed. After several beatings from her brothers, they poured water on her and her naked body was flogged again and again. At some point, she was seen looking too weak and worn out.

Her skin had already turned purple with cane marks all over her buttock and back. Blood can also be seen running down her face. Having left her for a moment, she groaned with pain and she was trying to nurse her legs while lying on the floor, but that didn’t go well with her as she was told to open her thighs so that they can see the lady’s private parts she was using to misbehave.

 She hesitated and they warned her that the beating will start again. So, the unfortunate parted her legs, and they began to flog again this time on her private part. The horrific video is going viral online as people ask for help in finding the family members, who subjected the woman to such dehumanizing treatment – torture.


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