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Lagos Based Family Ministery Holds International Ministers’ Family Conference

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Lagos Based Family Ministery Holds International Ministers' Family Conference

A three-day international ministers’ family conference will be held in Lagos by Family Booster Ministry (FBM), a nondenominational ministry for FAMILY and HOME affairs, to give pastors and other gospel ministers the assistance they require.
The theme of the conference, entitled “Excellent Family, Excellent Church,” is set for September 15–17 at the RCCG Maranatha Parish Gbagada.
According to the conference organisers, speakers for the conference that will include a couples breakfast break on the final day include Pastor Bisi and Yomi Adewale, Tony Akinyemi, Albert Aina, and Mike and Gloria Bamiloye.
“Our findings at Family Booster Ministries revealed that many pastors, Church leaders and ministers are passing through many challenges that they find difficult to discuss.”
At a press conference held at the Family Booster Office in Lagos, Pastor Bisi Adewale, the Set Man of the Ministry, a faith-based non-governmental organisation, stated that some of them struggle with their marriages and emotional conflicts, while others have serious health problems and need new information to advance their ministries.
He stated that the meeting was inspired by a desire to have a comprehensive understanding of Nigerian pastors’ and church leaders’ lifestyles.
“The pain of pastors is much, with many being the subject of bitter gossip in Church; but they must not be angry but continue to smile as they suffer,” he said.

Speaking again about the difficulties pastors face in their work, Pastor Bisi stated that FBM research revealed that most pastors’ wives are dissatisfied with the conditions in their homes. While many youths are turning their backs on the church, he claimed that many pastors’ children are rebelling against their parents.
“Pastors are special people, they are the ones that most Christians call first whenever they need help; they are consulted for almost everything, at times they have to act as marriage counselors, financial counselors, psychologists, trauma healing experts, guarantors, lawyers, accountants, health experts, fathers, and pillars, among others,” he said.
He addressed the pains of pastors as too much to bear, with many of them subjected to bitter gossip by church members, yet they are expected not to be angry but go on with a smile whilst they suffer. He wondered where pastors go when they need help.
“Who talks to them when they are down? Who will help them if they have a marital challenge? Most Pastors are lonely, sick and poor but work 24/7, some without vacation or time to rest. Over 70 per cent of ministers report not having a close friend or someone to talk to when they need to”, he added.
He says that almost everyone consults a pastor for assistance with their problems. However, these same pastors are dragged on social media, stabbed at the back by their congregation and supposed disciples; but are essential to the lives of the same people that are hurting them.
“They stand with people when they get wedded; stand with them if they can’t become pregnant, assist if pregnant, called by 1 am when they are in Labour, raised money if there are complications that need surgical operations, name the baby, nurture the baby spiritually to youthful age, wed out the youth, attend to them if the marriage runs to trouble waters or hits the rock, bury elderly that dies, and support the bereaved families,” Adewale said.
He further disclosed that despite all the assistance offered by the pastors, they are very underrated, undervalued, unappreciated, not recognised, disgraced, abused, maligned, hated and paid little or nothing.
He said: “We need to ask ourselves: Where do pastors go when they need help? Who talks to them when they are down? Who will help them if they have a marital challenge?”
He cited that for reasons like these, it is paramount to engage in conversations about the marriage, finance, health, and family life of these pastors in order to help strengthen these men and women who are sacrificing their time and life to build our society and propagate the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ.
He lastly stated that the Family Booster Ministry will be inviting field experts to dissect issues affecting pastors and their families.
Yomi Adewale, on her part, confirmed that Tony Akinyemi, Albert Aina, and Mike and Gloria Bamiloye are part of the speakers for the conference.
She noted that the conference was an assignment from God for her and her husband Pastor Bisi Adewale to ensure that Pastors and their wives have a fulfilled ministry and a fun-filled marriage.
According to Yomi, some of the contents of the conference include the following listed below;
– How to gain and retain youths in Church
— Ministry: Building stronger Churches as a Couple-in-ministry
— Emotion: Inner healing for hurting Pastors and their Wives
— Marriage: How to maintain strong marriages in ministry
— How to build better marriage in your Church
— 54 Pillars of Marriage Success
— What Every Couple-in-Ministry must never do
— Marriage and Ministry striking a Balance and lots more.

For more inquiries on the conference, the public is urged to contact familybooster@yahoo.com, 08056457013, or 08068312004

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