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Layers of Happiness (Episode 8)

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Layers of Happiness (Episode 8)

Layers of Happiness

“How did that happen?” I asked though I was a little bit uncomfortable with the news.


“Well, the information we got is a little bit scanty, although we are sure that she had had a husband before you fell for her. She only left her husband about three months when you asked her hand in marriage.”


I was shocked. My heart began to race. And my tears became the Mississippi River. Several thoughts galloped through my mind.


“What that means is that you were never married,” Pastor Jide asserted.


“your marriage was based on lies and pretense”


“it appears you were never married,” Pastor Jide explained.


I heard him right. But I was not pleased with the information and I didn’t answer him. My mind was broken just like my leg. My mind travelled on several roads. And my head began to bang with a headache.


“you still have a chance to marry again,” Pastor Jide reconsidered his previous stand on marriage.


“I am not interested in marriage again,” I held those words to my tongue before letting them out with confidence. At first, I wasn’t sure of what I had said but I felt a relief from the burden of a bad marriage and the damage that the road to divorce could lead.


And for once, despite the pains on my leg and the bruises on my hand, I said “Lord, take control of my life, I release myself to your will, father”


“you are gradually coming home again, Pastor Paul,” Pastor Jide said, fixing his gaze on me. He managed a smile and stood up and walked out through the front door.


It was already four pm. The day was already opening its eyes to twilight. And I was ruminating about everything that I had heard. I faced the wall that was closer to me. I felt it was two years or more since Ruth left my home. Everything that had happened, happened too fast. I was weak mentally and my emotion was in a state of flux.


“Paul,” someone called me. The voice seemed similar from a distant past but I couldn’t place my hand on the voice.


“Paul, Paul” the female voice called me again. Now, she touched me, trying to wake me up.


Moyo appeared before me with her sparkling smile when I turned back. I was bewildered. My heart rejoiced. But I could only give a weak smile.

…to be continued.

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