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Learn how to choose the perfume that best suits your style

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Learn how to choose the perfume that best suits your style-dailyfamily.ng

Learn how to choose the perfume that best suits your style
There is a certain type of perfume made for each woman. We will talk today about tips that will help you choose the perfume that best suits your personality and style.

We will also give a suggestion of fragrance for each of the mentioned categories. Check out the tips below and discover how to choose the perfume that best suits your style.

It is important to keep in mind that each perfume works differently for each woman. Therefore, it is worth sprinkling some of the fragrance on your wrist, and see if you identify.

Avoid spraying various perfumes one on top of the other, as it may end up mixing with the other aromas and, in this way, you will not get an exact notion of the fragrance.

1. Citrus fruits
Citrus scents are the most refreshing of the category, after all, they reminisce to the aroma of lemon, orange, and are delicious for hot days.

They are recommended for busy women who enjoy playing sports. Look for perfumes with notes of bergamot, lime and grapefruit, plus the famous “lemon and orange”.

With these notes, you can acquire the sensation of freshness and softness. Suggestion: Light Blue, Dolce & Gabbana, they are very fitting.

2. Floral
Fragrances with floral notes are perfect for spontaneous, charismatic and discreet women. After all, the perfume that combines the most for this type of style is the one to be used in everyday life – not so remarkable.

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Floral notes are the most popular and most often chosen by women, who tend to feel more confident. What’s more, men often say that they are more attracted to these perfumes.

The tip is to choose essences that blend citrus notes if you want to bring refreshing touches during your daily routines.

A white floral (such as gardenia and lily), for example, has sensual and subtle backgrounds at the same time, being considered a classic.

Suggestion: Rosalie, Cabotine. It has floral notes of red rose, magnolia, Indonesian jasmine and violet.

3. Woody
Woody scents are ideal for women open to new experiences, full of personality. Look for an essence with the notes of spices, which a woody scent with fruity touches.

Woody has the power to impart sophistication, elegance and style. What’s more, they are well-behaved essences that bring out that “classic” feeling.

Suggestion: Lady Million, Pacco Rabanne.

4. Sweets
Ideal for women who are creative, delicate, and romantic. Just like women who use sweetened perfumes, the aroma passes delicacy and softness.

Sweet scents are the ones that are most pleasing when sensed even at a distance, graceful and striking.

Suggestion: Wild Elixir, Shakira. Contains sweet notes of fruits such as mandarin, strawberry, and bergamot.

It’s not naughty, it’s worth it, try it out.

We now have those 4 different types and the names of perfumes you can use. Why don’t you try them out and then get back to us on how it had an effect on you. Look good and smell nice.

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