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Learn how to eliminate hemorrhoids to end the pain

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Learn how to eliminate hemorrhoids to end the pain
To remove internal or external hemorrhoids, it may be necessary to have surgery, which is indicated for patients who maintain pain, discomfort, itching and bleeding, especially when evacuating even after treatment with medicines, mainly ointments and high fiber diet, for example.

There are several techniques to remove hemorrhoids, the most common being the traditional technique that is done through a cut to remove hemorrhoids and the recovery takes between 1 week to 1 month, being necessary to stay hospitalized about 2 days in the hospital and to maintain Good hygiene of the intima region during recovery time.

How hemorrhoids surgery is done
In most cases surgeries to remove hemorrhoids are performed under general anesthesia and require the patient to be hospitalized for about 2 days.
To remove hemorrhoids the proctologist should choose the technique most appropriate for each case, because they vary depending on the type of hemorrhoid that the patient has.

Classification of the degree of internal hemorrhoids

Internal hemorrhoids are those that develop and remain inside the anus, and may present different degrees, such as:

Grade 1 – Hemorrhoid that is inside the anus, with a slight increase of the veins.

Grade 2 – Hemorrhoids that leave the anus during defecation and return to the inside spontaneously.

Grade 3 – Hemorrhoids that leave the anus during defecation and need to be re-inserted into the anus by hand.

Grade 4 – Hemorrhoid that develops inside the anus but due to its increase it comes out through the anus and can cause rectal prolapse, which is the exit of the final part of the intestine through the anus.

External hemorrhoids are those that are on the outside of the anus, and these can also be removed through surgery, because they cause discomfort especially when sitting and defecating.

Techniques to Remove Hemorrhoids
Some techniques for removing internal or external hemorrhoids may be:

Hemorrhoidectomy:Is the most common surgery involving removal of hemorrhoids through a cut and is common in external hemorrhoids or grade 3 and 4 internal hemorrhoids.

THD technique:This technique known as transanal hemorrhoidal pyramidalisation is done without cuts, and blood vessels suturing blood supply to hemorrhoids occur, being common in degrees 2,3 and 4.

PPH technique:Known as hemorrhoid staining is a way to remove hemorrhoids through a ring that tightens the hemorrhoid and leads to the death of the cells, being a procedure that does not cause sutures and makes the surgery less painful and is done in internal degrees hemorrhoids 3 and 4 with low volume.

Elastic lacquering:A treatment where a small elastic band is applied at the base of the hemorrhoid that interrupts the transport of blood and causes its death, being common in the treatment of hemorrhoids of degrees 2 and 3.

Sclerotherapy:In this technique, a product that causes tissue death is injected into the vessels of the hemorrhoids and is common to treat grade 1 and 2 hemorrhoids.

In addition, there are also other methods that can be used to remove hemorrhoids, such as infrared coagulation, cryotherapy and laser, for example.

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