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Lessons you can learn from the Scissors that will help you build strong home

by Family Reporter


As a young man who grows up in the late 80s where scissors are the only barber’s tool to cut hair. I do observe the scissors, it always in pairs if not it is useless. The barber cannot make use of it.

Have you ever been to tailor’s shops and take a look at them when they are cutting cloth for sewing. You will observe that their scissors are always in pairs.

Anything called pair is always together.  A pair is two corresponding persons or items, similar in form or function and matched or associated.

One day i needed to use the scissors, immediately I finished with it. I looked at it carefully and I saw that the scissors models an ideal couple.

Let’s see some lessons every couple should learn from the scissors that will help in build strong homes.

1. The scissors are always in pairs& that’s where its usefulness is. Once you see one part& the other part is not there, it is useless no matter how beautiful it is. The unique and beauty of every marriage are lost when couples are not together.
Separation destroys the uniqueness of any marriage. Separation is not only when you separate physically & you are no longer living together. There are many couples who are living together in the same house but are spiritual, emotionally, sexually, financially, socially, etc separated.

2. The togetherness of scissors is not automatic. There is a small bolt that holds the scissors together in the middle. In the same vein, if couples must be bounded together like this scissors, there must be ‘bolts’ that must wed them together which will make them inseparable.
The following bolts will help you hold your matrimonial homes intact.
The presence of God, openness& trust, Unity Healthy& joyful sex life, family vision, good family finance, trust, faithfulness etc.

3. The scissors cannot function except someone holds it. You will be useful as couples when you allow God to hold two of you and use you to achieve your marital destiny. No family is really useless. It is either you are positively useful& that happens when it is God holding the two of you. You will be negatively useful when it is the devil holding the two of you. The devil can hold the two of you and use you to destroy each other, and destroy the future of your children & even destroy your relationship with God.

4. Each pair of the scissors has a sharp part& a dull part. The face is sharp while the back is dull. This signifies that each couple has his/ her area of strengths & weaknesses. Your partner is not empty. Though you might see the dull part of your partner, but if you want to harness your marriage to greater heights; you must recognise the sharp part of your spouse. You must also display your sharp part. Don’t just display your dull part. That destroys marriage fast.

5. If you look at scissors there is synergy in it working, The two pairs must come together before it can cut whatever you want to use it to cut.
Each pair will bring its sharpness& join it with the sharpness of the other pair& cutting will be done easily& smoothly.
In every marriage, synergy is the energy of any family. You need to Synergize your resources, money, connection, visions as couples so as to give energy to your marriage to advance it to the next level.o glad you guys said I Do today…God bless your marriage my amiable kid bro…. Enjoy…”

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