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Letting love reign in the family, a 20th wedding anniversary testament

by Family Center
Letting love reign in the family, a 20th wedding anniversary testament -dailyfamily.ng

Emmanuel and Lola have been married for 20 years. Their children noticed they have never seen their parent argue nor had there been any issues that warrant family and friends to come settle grievances for them.

It was their twentieth wedding anniversary when one of their children commented.

“Dad, mum, I love your marriage and I will love to marry a woman like mum and be a husband like dad”

The husband speaking about his marriage said.


“Well, our marriage isn’t the perfect one like my child had said. My wife and I have been through series of ups and down but there is this one thing I have learnt to do in my marriage all this year. That thing is I have learnt to Love my wife regardless of the situation.

He further listed what he had been able to learn in the twenty years of their marriage.


I don’t complain about her if i have not prayed for her -love.

I don’t report her to people, we just sit to talk things out.

I don’t major on her weakness because I want to prove my right-love.

I give to her no matter how little it may look at times.

I respect her opinions and not only that, she is my counselor.

She is my prayer partner and my best friend, I will never tell anyone what I wouldn’t have told her.

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These things among many others are what I have been doing.


Everyone clapped as Emmanuel hugged his wife.


Letting love grow in your family is not an individualistic work.  As a woman, i have also learnt the following, Lola said as she leaned on a table beside her.


In my marriage with Emmanuel I have learnt the following things:


Humility makes a man love his woman more.

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I appreciate him for every little or big gifts received.


I call him by name but I don’t disrespect him.


We do not sleep with grudges because we always want to pray together as couples.


We love and appreciate each other for who we are and we try to improve on our weaknesses.


Everyone was surprised and happy for the good virtues the couple possesses.


One major lesson to learn from this couple is that one should endeavour to marry the one she or she love and understand as their journey into marriage is an endless lifetime journey.

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