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How Lionel Messi’s met his wife Antonella

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How Lionel Messi’s met his wife Antonella

Adenike Akindude

Barcelona football star got married to his longtime girlfriend in June but the relationship started when they were both below 10 years old.

Before leaving Argentina for Barcelona Academy, the two lovers met when Lionel Messi was nine and Antonella was eight years old. Messi later left for the academy at age 13 which brought a break in their relationship.

Messi was introduced to Antonella by her cousin, Luca Scaglia. When Messi first met his wife he said: “Who is this?” And Scaglia, almost without paying attention, answered: “Anto, my cousin.”

The lovers first met through Antonella’s cousin Luca Scaglia, she said: “Leo was nine years old and she was eight by then and it was when she wrote him a letter in which she said: “Someday we will be engaged.”

A friend close to Antonella revealed that they started dating in 2007. She said: “We are there, as we always are, And she took out the Blackberry (fashionable cell phone back then) that Leo had given her. He did not say much more, but we all understood that they had started to date”

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