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Little sleep can trigger these 5 symptoms

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Little sleep can trigger these 5 symptoms
When I was a child, my mother used to tell me and my brothers to go to bed at nine or eight. It was normal. No one even imagined what cell phone, computer or social networks were. At most we watched TV after dinner, which was around 5pm or 6pm. We had good health, energy and disposition and we were already waking up ready for everything.

With the tumultuous times in which we live, staying up late into the night has become normal, even among children. This is not healthy. The body needs good hours of sleep for maintaining physical and mental health. A 2013 study found a relationship between poor sleep quality and illness, including obesity, depression and reduced life expectancy.

How many hours of sleep do I need?
This varies from person to person, but most need at least 8 hours of sleep per night so the body can rest and recuperate. Some need more others less, but the important thing is that the person feels rested and if this is not happening the problems will come – in children in the form of impairment in growth and lower school performance in adolescents cause susceptibility to mental illness and in adult leads to increased cardiovascular risk.

5 Symptoms We’re Sleeping Too Little To Affect Health

1. Low immunity
A study of 153 healthy people at Carnegie Mellon University found that people who sleep less than 7 hours a night are more likely to catch colds.

2. Weight gain
There are basically three causes for weight gain in people who sleep very little: one is the fact that those who do not sleep end up feeling hungry and making little snacks, another cause is that people who sleep little have less production of a hormone called leptin, responsible for warning the brain when we are already satisfied, and higher production of ghrelin, the hormone that makes the appetite increase. The last of the three causes is that the metabolism of the little sleeper slows down.

3. Lack of concentration
You may notice what is happening when someone tells you something and you have to ask to repeat because you were “away,” or when you read one or two paragraphs of an article and ask yourself, “What did I really read?” It ends up having to come back and read it again. The tired mind has difficulty concentrating, focusing, and making decisions.

4. Irritability and mental illness
Just like lack of concentration, lack of sleep can make a person feel exhausted and irritated for whatever reason. According to a doctor, the insomnia or the simple fact of sleeping little for prolonged periods can cause dysfunctions in the cerebral circuit responsible for the emotions.

According to the doctor, both sleep and feelings are the product of interactions between various common regions of the brain, hormones and neurotransmitters.

When there is an abnormality in one, a domino effect occurs over others, and just as a sleeping child becomes irritable, the adult also stays, but does not give a tantrum or roll on the floor.

5. Tiredness, fatigue
One notices immediately by the dark circles that appear. The person who did not sleep well at night feels as if he or she is hungover. With physical fatigue and mental fatigue, it becomes difficult to determine priorities and exposes the person to greater risks, such as in traffic.

There is a link between sleep quality, insomnia and mental illness – they feed back. Half of people with mental problems such as anxiety and depression have difficulty sleeping.

The worst thing is that insomnia causes the depressed patient to not respond well to the treatment of depression, causing a vicious circle.

What to do to improve sleep quality
Avoiding heavy foods such as fried foods, red meat, chocolate, pepper, alcohol and stimulant drinks at night favors sleep.

Avoid eating before bed, giving at least 2 hours between the last meal and sleep.

A tea of ​​fennel or chamomile helps to relax, warms the stomach and favors the good night. Avoid milk because fat and lactose can cause reflux.

Practice physical exercise, this helps a lot to sleep well.

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