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Love for the lifetime (Pastor E.A Adeboye’s Message)

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Love for the lifetime (Pastor E.A Adeboye’s Message)

(Pastor E.A Adeboye Message during Thanksgiving service of his 50th Wedding Anniversary)

Text: John 13 : 1
“Now before the feast of the Passover, when Jesus knew that his hour was come that he should depart out of this world unto the Father, having loved his own which were in the world, he loved them unto the end.”

If you must marry a person, marry for love.

Do not marry for money, money can’t buy you love for the lifetime.(Eccl 5:10,12, Prov 17:1).

“I had nothing when I married my wife and she had comfortable suitors at that time but I told her tomorrow will be fine and whatever I become will be attributed to her, in short, we do struggle for pomo(special meat).But today if we want a cow, God will provide”


Don’t marry for the sake of beauty, it will one day fade away.(proverb 31vs30).
“I keep saying I’m still in my honeymoon because the girl(Mummy G.o) I married years ago is someone I love from the start”

Don’t marry for physical prowess, strength will faint.(2sam 21 vs 15-17)

Don’t marry for influence, if you marry someone because the parents are influential remember the affluence won’t remain forever.(1sam 16 vs 14).

Marry for love, when u do ur marriage will last.

The reason your marriage will last is because God is love, 1John 4:8

Love is like fire because u must keep on tending it. i.e you must constantly give gifts to your partner no matter how little, also communicate with your partner; don’t be like strangers living together.


“I buy my wife gifts, we call each other at least once a day.”

Even when you don’t have gifts tell your partners verbally how much you love them, don’t assume they know.You should be able to do anything for your partner even die for them,
“if you slap me I’ll run away because I don’t have the grace to turn the left like bible said, if you cheat me I won’t do anything, BUT if you touch my wife…..I will kill you because I don’t joke with her.The police won’t arrest me for murder because I won’t be found with a gun or cutlass, I’ll simply report such person to my daddy not to allow such wake up the following morning”. All of this is because love is like fire and you can’t play with fire.

All of this is because love is like fire and you can’t play with fire.

Prayer point: God let your unending love for a lifetime resume into my home.


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