by O. S David


The place of dignity in the workplace cannot be overemphasised. Whatever your profession or vocation is, it is critical to maintaining a sense of modesty, decency, decorum, honour and ethical behaviour. Every occupation has its acceptable behaviour, dressing and culture. Please respect it!

Self-respect is worth much more than charisma. Don’t find yourself in an embarrassing situation beyond your control.
Dignity behoves that you treat everyone in the workplace with fairness and value.
It is immature to raise your voice at a customer or colleague.
Being talkative does not have returns, know when to speak and when quietness is needed.

Don’t engage in a brawl or lousy confrontation, it is indecent!
Avoid workplace rumor, it is the trademark of cowards! Let people involved in issues be directly engaged.
Refrain from gossip, it makes you company with insecure people.

Refuse the temptation to put others down for you to go up.
It is an unprogressive worker that disregards workplace rules, berate constituted authority or violate the established processes and procedures.

Avoid selfishness, it slows down advancement!
Tame your anger, it can cost you more than you bargain for!
Borrowing money always from every worker – senior or junior to you is not a fashion. It diminishes the effect of your personality and cheapens your total outlook. Plan well, budget well and be prudent with your earnings!

Desist from conflict of interest, it depreciates your control and empowers the wrong person!
Steer clear of false witness, it is a cheap way to enslave your conscience and celebrate injustice!
Take nothing that is not yours or directly under your control except you are authorised to do so!

Never, ever take home original official document of the company or your business. Where absolutely necessary to do so, make copies and maintain strictest confidentiality as you handle the document.

Don’t be involved in “insider dealings”, fraudulent collusion, over-invoicing or encouraging vendors or customers to overstate or understate their document. It is the game of the unwise.

Desist from abuse of office. Declare gifts received from external parties in line with the threshold of your company. Nobody gives gifts for free. Don’t sell out your control.

Lateness to work is an evidence of lack of commitment if it happens regularly.
Do everything possible to avoid queries in your personnel file.

Why should you sleep while on duty? Take permission and go for treatment if you are unwell.
You shouldn’t be found on social media or chatting on long unofficial telephone calls during official hours. Earn your pay, do your best, maximise your official hours.

Shun waste, save costs, don’t increase your manger’s costs by your activities or negligence.
How long more will you continue to entertain friends, neighbours and families for half of your workday because your boss is not around? Workplace is not a family living room or a clubhouse. Nobody bathes in the dining room. Respect where you work, do what you should do there, not what you like. You owe the place that honour.

Remember, the disciplinary panel is not an award event, nobody receives an applause being there. Behave yourself! Let no sexual harassment or any kind of harassment, racism, smoking in non-smoking areas, verbal abuse, absenteeism, bribery, forgery, etc. be identified with you. There is no dignity there!

Michael J. Fox submits: “one’s dignity may be assaulted, vandalised and cruelly mocked, but cannot be taken away unless it is surrendered”.

Guard your dignity, it’s your private property! – Deborah David @workplacechannel


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