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How To Make Good Friends At A New Job

by Oba Samuel
How To Make Good Friends At A New Job

-How To Make Good Friends At A New Job

–  How To Gain Influence And Friends At Work

Landing your dream job is only half of the task. The other half involves making yourself essential and building fulfilling workplace relationships. How To Make Good Friends At A New Job

Making  friends at a new job is a great way to help you settle in quickly. Some of these work relationships  may prove to be very significant throughout your adult life.

We look at 4 very helpful tips to help you make your decision as you pick your own clique at your new workplace.

Do not rush your decision to make friends. remember that the people you decide on will form your inner circle so be very patient.

Look out for people who have qualities that you admire. Watch them closely and see how they relate with other people around the office.

When it comes to making friends at work you have to put yourself out there and leave nothing to chance.

Make other workers feel comfortable by introducing yourself warmly and assuring them that your door is always open. Offer to bring in your expertise to tasks they have difficulty with. Also be ready to listen to their ideas and provide feedback.

Putting yourself forward paints you as a proactive person who is eager to help. It helps overcome the awkwardness of your ‘newness’ and leads to free flowing conversations centered around work.


A woman introducing herself

You can take your newly formed work relationships a step further by looking for common interests with persons you seek to establish friendships.

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You can easily kick start conversations around your love for a popular sports team or a designer brand. This helps to shift the narrative beyond work related issues and it leads to sharing of more personal information.


Take your connecting passions outside the office and explore together. Getting drinks together after work is a good place to start.If both of you have children around the same age range, organizing a play-date is a nice way to introduce your families.

Don’t be that person at work that isolates himself ,put our tips to work and start your journey to fulfilling work relationships.


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