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How To Make Your Kitchen Enticing

by Gideon Dosu

How To Make Your Kitchen Enticing

How To Make Your Kitchen Enticing

Most people feels that this section of the house is not necessary to beautify. For me my kitchen or your kitchen is the most important place in the whole house, in fact it is there that I refer to as the source where the issues of the stomach and health is settled!


There are steps that I have outlined for you to beautify and make your kitchen welcoming for anyone who comes to your house for visiting ( even if your guest do not want to eat, seeing your kitchen may  entice them).


Determine your budget: Transforming a kitchen need not cost a lot of money, but it’s best to keep this factor in mind throughout the process. Transforming a kitchen can mean anything from a few new decorations and accessories to a full remodeling. Pick the right middle ground for you and your kitchen, and do only the steps here that best suit you and your pocket.
Clean and reorganize your kitchen. A kitchen that clutter or having hips of unwashed dishes can never be inviting for anyone to come in,talk less of eating your food. This is the simplest, least expensive way to get your kitchen looking better quickly. It will also give you a good idea what you’re starting with as far as structure and layout is concern.
Brighten up your room. Your kitchen is a workspace, and you’ll enjoy using it most if you have plenty of light. Get as much natural light as you can, then add task lighting or room lighting as appropriate.
Adjust the layout: Sketch up a plan or simply stand in the kitchen and look at what you have. Changing the layout could be as simple as turning the table at a bit of an angle. Other easy, modest options for adjusting the layout for your kitchen include bringing in a cart or Portable Island, adding shelves or a hutch.
Paint your kitchen if you can. It’s amazing how much a fresh coat of paint can transform a room. A suitable contrasting trim color around the windows and doors can give it a special pop.
Paint your kitchen with a semi-gloss paint so that the walls will be washable when the inevitable splatters and splashes happen.
• Go for a classic look that you’ll like for a while, especially for fixtures and costly items. You can make bolder strokes with more temporary measures.
• Spoon racks for collector spoons are nice; have friends and family bring you a spoon back on their travels.
• Be adventurous. Give your kitchen a scent of travel, even if you never venture far from home.
• Do it yourself as much as you’re comfortable doing so. It’s certainly within most people’s abilities to paint, hang curtains, or replace drawer handles. Tiling your own floors or counters or replacing your own sink is a bit more advanced, but it’s not out of reach, and it will certainly save you money.


Taiwo Oladeji Akinola is a seasoned culinary expert who loves cooking, and happy to see smile on people when eating. He is also an Information Technology instructor, teacher of the Word, a youth minister. He had been in the business of culinary since 2010 till date. He majors more on pastries and Chinese dishes and he is the owner of a fast growing mobile diner Chubbie Chops He loves God and also a minister in one of the Redeemed Christian Church of God. He lives in Lagos Nigeria. You can reach him via hollatai@gmail.com.

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