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How to Make a Rustic Wedding Invitation at Home

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How to Make a Rustic Wedding Invitation at Home
If you intend to get married soon and your wedding will follow the rustic theme or else, if you make handmade invitations, this tip is especially for you.

The materials used are quite simple and can be found at any stationery store. The technique used is not difficult, but you will need to make some units to get the hang of it and get a legal result.

This invitation is very cool for field weddings during the day, as kraft paper and jute or tow ribbon have everything to do with this theme. Check step by step:

Necessary materials
A4 Kraft paper 240 grams

Plain paper A4 180 grams (for print)

Pencil or pencil

Ball pen or pen cap


Stiletto or scissors

Sisal cord

Tow or jute



Universal glue or hot glue

Office punch

Step by step
With all the materials in place, prepare your work area and follow the instructions below to make your rustic wedding invitation.

1. Using the ruler, make markings on both sides of kraft paper, being 7.1cm from top to bottom and 8.5cm from bottom to top.

2. Using the ruler to join the dots horizontally, make two creases in the paper, one on each side, with the ball point pen or the pen cap.

3. With creases ready, fold the paper exactly over them.

4. Tip: You can use a flap to facilitate folding and avoid staining paper with skin fat.

5. At the end of folding, your kraft paper envelope should good.

6. Make the invitation art considering dimensions of 20 cm x 14 cm and print on plain paper (or other paper of your choice). Cut scraps with scissors or scissors.

7. Now, use the office punch to make a hole in the tag that bears the names of the guests.

8. Place the printed artwork inside the envelope as follows:

9. Cut a 45 cm x 5 cm tow or jute strip to wrap around the envelope.

10. On a sketch sheet, pass the bitumen over the ends of the strip to give an aged air.

11. Pass the stripe around the envelope and place a piece of scrap paper under one end. Pass the glue on this end (the sketch does not stain the envelope).


An example of A Rustic Wedding Invitation

12. Attach one end of the ribbon to the other. Hold firmly, remove the sketch and wait for it to dry.

13. Now let’s pass the string through the hole made in the tag with the names of the guests and around the envelope, ending with a gift bow.

14. Center the tag and loop the sisal string, making sure that all elements are in the middle of the envelope.

15. Finally, cut the excess of the loop with a pair of scissors and that’s it!

To open the envelope, simply have your guests slip the sisal loop up and position the strand or jute strip a little lower, so there is no need to undo anything.

Did you like this tip? Ever try to make a wedding invitation yourself? Tell us in the comments!

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