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Man beat up his mother and commits suicide

by O. S David

Man beat up his mother and commits suicide

-Ojo Oluwasegun

A 23-year-old man, Fedelis Musa, has committed suicide in Yola, Adamawa state after he allegedly beat up his mum.

Musa reportedly beat up his mother on Tuesday, causing injury to her left arm following a minor ‎disagreement.

 It was learnt that Musa had returned to his room after his siblings angrily scolded him and threatened to relocate his mother from the house following the incident.

When his family members realised that he overstayed in his room, they forced the door open and found him dead.

His lifeless body was found dangling in his room in his family house at Jimeta, Yola.

According to Punch, the deceased, afraid that his mother may curse him following their brawl, decided to take his life.

An eyewitness, Innocent Henry described the deceased as an alcoholic who fought almost everybody on the day he committed suicide.

“He wounded his mother by dislocating her left hand.

“The man was restless throughout today (yesterday); he fought everybody that came to their house and broke his mother’s left hand.”

‎Also an uncle to Musa, Ali Hassan, said that the deceased had been behaving strangely, telling all his family members that one of them would pass away this week.

Hassan said: “I am uncle to the deceased. He has been making negative confessions, especially a day to when he died.

“He told everyone that someone will die tomorrow within his family member.

“He was an apprentice generator repairer. We noticed the strange behaviour without foreknowledge that he was going to commit suicide.”

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