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How A Man Can Stay Married To One Woman For Life (A MUST READ)

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How A Man Can Stay Married To One Woman For Life (A MUST READ)

Bisi Oludare

Marriage, as we all know, is the union between one man and one woman to love each other no matter the challenges that come their way for the rest of their lives on earth. But, it has been a very difficult thing for some men to stay faithful to their wives in marriage.

I was privileged to have a conversation with some guys sometimes ago, while some of them believe it is possible to stay married to a woman for life some of them said it is not possible because variety is the spice of life.

As true as that variety is the spice of life is, it is not so when it comes to marriage. Marriage is a game of one man to a woman till death do them part.

In this article, we want to look at how a man can stay married to one man for life.

Let love be the basis of your union, this is very central to staying married to one woman for life. Beyond what people are saying and what you believe you can see physically in the lady before marriage, be sure you truly love her.

Stay faithful, being faithful to your wife is key. No matter how you spent your youthful days, now that you are married keep the past where it belongs and embrace your wife as the only woman that matters. Don’t allow unfaithfulness to erode trust away from your union.

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Never take your wife for granted, this is one thing that could make your wife not attractive to you. Whenever you take her for granted she begins to do things that will displease you and so you see her as a bad person.

Never over-appreciate or out honour any woman than your wife. Whatever you see in a woman outside that you so much wants your wife to have or look like, get it for her and appreciate such things on her.

The grass is green on the other side because someone is taking care of it, so take care of your diligently.
Stay faithful to your marriage vow, whenever you want to go astray, remember the vow you made in the presence of the crowd.

Keep on doing what you were doing that made her attractive than another woman when you were courting. It was something that made you conclude that you will marry her and no one else, so, remember to continue with those things and your marriage will remain evergreen

Never allow the influence of the third party in your marriage. Any third party you allow intimately and deeply into your marriage could cause you trouble and may be the one feeding you with wrong information.

You really need to configure your mind and see to see and believe just the good in your wife. Appreciate what you have.
Forgive your wife in advance; she will definitely offend you because she is not a perfect being and so you don’t need any third party to settle for you. Always bear in mind that marriage is a union of two forgivers.

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Self-discipline is the main deal; never underestimate how it can help you. The truth is that after marriage, you will see many ladies that her more beautiful than your wife but you must be disciplined to know that none of them can be your wife. A self-disciplined man is a man that will live long in life

Getting married is not difficult but over the years staying married has been the challenge for some men. But with these few points, I believe you will keep to your wife and your marriage vows.

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