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Man forced his wife to have sex with a dog

by O. S David

Man forced his wife to have sex with a dog 

Wonders in India as an indian man allegedly forced his 25-year-old wife to have sex with a dog.

The incident was reported from Belagavi district in Karnataka after the wife complained to police.
She alleged that not only did he force her to have sex with a dog, but also threatened her that he would throw her out of the house if she did not oblige him.
The police have arrested the man, a truck owner-cum-driver, on various charges including unnatural offences.
In her complaint, she told the police that since the last four months he showed her explicit sex videos on his mobile phone in the nights and expected her to act the same way as the videos showed.
On March 22, he brought home a dog and wanted to force the canine dog on her. “Stay in the house only if you can sleep with the dog,” he allegedly told her.

He then threatened her and then forced her and his three children to leave the house.
According to the woman’s complaint, she has undergone torture since the past four months.

In the last two years, he used to physically abuse her by beating her and threatening that he would drive her out of the house.


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