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Man harvests girlfriend’s eye for N10 million in Adamawa

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Man harvests girlfriend's eye for N10 million in Adamawa

A man in Adamawa State received a death sentence for murdering and dissecting his girlfriend’s body for N10 million, reportedly paid by a buyer.

Abubakar Mohammed was given a death-by-hanging verdict by the Adamawa State High Court for the murder of Christiana Augustine and the subsequent removal of her tongue, breast, and eyeballs.

According to information acquired on Wednesday, Abubakar, a father of seven children and a native of Jauro Tukur village in Akko LGA of Gombe State, relocated to Adamawa State in search of financial support.

He started selling water and later fell in love with Christiana.

Man harvests girlfriend's eye for N10 million in Adamawa
Man harvests girlfriend’s eye for N10 million in Adamawa

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A Yola resident named Buhari Mohammed, who had also come into contact with him over time, allegedly gave him a tip about a man who had expressed interest in purchasing eyeballs for N10 million.

According to reports, Abubakar considered his girlfriend Christiana as a potential source of the item.

The beginning of the story takes place on January 26, 2019, when Abubakar visited Christiana at her home in order to speak with her and persuade her to meet him where they used to congregate for their passionate adventure.

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When Christiana showed up at the unfinished structure where they had previously met, Abubakar used his knife to cut her throat and pull one of her eyeballs while injuring the other while attempting to remove it.

The next day, the prisoner presented Buhari with eyeballs, and it was reported that Buhari showed horror and shooed Abubakar away with the eyes.

After Christiana’s dead body was discovered in the unfinished structure the following day, Abubakar was pursued and caught, leading to his arraignment and prosecution.

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At the most recent hearing on the matter on Tuesday, the Adamawa State High Court presided over by Hon. Justice Bulila Ladokiya Ikaro sentenced the defendant to prison for culpable homicide after finding him guilty of having the body parts in his possession.

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