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Man in detention for allegedly fondling police woman’s breast

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A 47-year old man Chijioke Okeiyi has been detained for allegedly fondling a police woman’s breasts at a police station in Lagos.

Okeiyi had fought some members of his house, an act which has been likened to distorting public peace, and then arrested after-which he was detained in police cell.

According to PM EXPRESS the female officer, Inspector Adesina Adefoluke was assaulted at the Isheri Oshun Division, when she opened the cell in a bid to rescue Okeiyi who was attacked by other suspects in the cell.

However Okeiyi’s rescue wouldn’t come with a heart of gratitude but instead, he found relief on Adefoluke’s breasts, fondled it and in the process tore her uniform.

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Following the act, Okeiyi was arraigned in court at the Ejigbo Magistrates court when the victim Adefolunke told the court that Okeiyi was under stress in the police cell and she went to bring him out.

However, when she got him out of the cell, he landed his hands on her breasts for no reasons and she had to call for help.

Okeiyi justifying his act said he was attacked in the cell and was almost unconscious before his hand landed on her breasts and her uniform got torn.

But despite all he said, the police never stop from arraigning Okeiyi for the alleged offence.

The accused then pleaded not guilty.

He was finally granted bail in the sum of N100,000 by Magistrate L.K.J Layeni with two sureties in like sum and ordered to remain imprisoned until his bail condition is met.

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