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Man Seeks divorce over wife’s maltreatment of children from another marriage

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A man has approached a customary court sitting in Agege Agege Lagos State, seeking the dissolution of his marriage over allegations of lack of care and brutality.

The petitioner, Mr Amos Owoseni who also is a furniture maker, alleged that his wife, Abosede, who he had been married to for six years, was fond of maltreating her step children.

Owoseni further pressed alleging that his wife was fond of beating his two children aged 10 and 12, which he had with another woman.

“She would starve the children and beat them at the slightest opportunity.

“Because of the nature of my job, I would drop money for the upkeep of the home but my wife would use the money to make her hair and also take care of her biological daughter.

“I buy clothes for my children, but she would hide them and allow the children to wear rags.

“I feel bad because I do so much for her, but she maltreats the children. She beats the children every now and then, and our neighbours have threatened to involve human right activists.


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“I want an end to this union because her attitude is unbecoming. I would allow her to take our daughter but would also be responsibilities for her upkeep,” he said.


In response to his allegations, the respondent Abosede, however, denied the claims, saying that her husband wanted to marry a new wife.

“He did not tell me that he had two other children when we got married. I got to know after three years of marriage when the children’s mother died.

“He simply brought them home and demanded I take care of them. I have been doing my best, but all he does is complain that I don’t take care of the children.

“The children lack manners and are unruly. They disrespect me and whenever I try to discipline them he starts complaining that I beat them too much,” she said.

Aboosede also said that Owoseni was bent on marrying a new wife, that was why he was seeking a divorce.

“I am reliably informed that he is set to wed another woman. He cannot deny this. I am also of the opinion that the marriage should be annulled because I cannot continue living like this,” she added.


Chief R.Williams, the court president,  adjourned the matter till August 28 for further hearing.

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