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Managing romance effectively in marriage as young Couple

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In recent times, most married young couples mistaken romance for sex only. In other words, they believe that it is about two partners cuddling each other and having some good time in bed.

While it is quite unfortunate that most couple term romance to be sex related, however romance actually involves more such as husbands tickling their wives by helping out with some house chores. Also, a wife simply telling her husband “I love you” and planting a kiss on his lips could also be termed romantic.

Can my wife and I play like nursery school pupils? Can she jump on me while lying on the bed to whisper into my ears, even if the matter were to be something meaningful? Can I play “pillow fight” with her in the bedroom? If your answer to these questions is ‘yes’ without hesitation, you are surely in the right place.

The truth remains that married people should be free with each other.

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A young man once told a story of his female maths teacher who gave him private lessons as a young boy.

He recalled that his teacher’s police husband came home one day while the private maths lesson was ongoing and threatened to give her injection. The man took a pen and gave her a short chase. The woman giggled while she ran back and forth playfully not minding the young boy’s presence.

That was where the young man learnt his first marriage lesson as a boy to be friends with his spouse.

When sex is the only thing that features as romance in marriage, it is not good enough. Sex is really not the ultimate in every marital relationship. Good communication, playing video games together watching movies but to mention a few is romantic.

Some never hear of what happened to their spouse until a third party discussed it. That’s not healthy for a marriage. That’s why a wife leaves her husband later in life and forgets herself with her children. Some have even become a nuisance to their son or daughter-in-law.

Sex is very important in marriage don’t get me wrong, but romance is super important if you want to stay longer together. Forsake all the African tradition that places some restrictions on how you should enjoy your marital life. Make your spouse know you love him or her and make love smell all around your environment like freshly baked pastries.

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