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Marriage: 10 Amazing Ways To Steal Your Husband’s Heart

by Kufre Ekpo

In marriage, a woman can enjoy a blissful matrimony home if she knows exactly what to do that will spark off the flame of love from her husband. It is, needless to say here that a lot of women find it extremely difficult to know the key that can open the heart of their men.

 However, in this article, we will expose 10 amazing ways you as a woman can use to steal the heart of your husband and keep it forever. Are you ready for this? Let’s rock and roll…

Let him know you feel safe in his arms.

It is paramount you let your husband know how safe you feel in his arms and by knowing he loves you intimately? Some wives find it difficult to talk about intimacy with their husbands. But your husband wants to know how you feel and especially if you are feeling safe, protected, and loved by him.

Love = patience + perseverance = worldly bliss or reward in the Hereafter

Therefore, I invite every loving wife to tryout the following keys to your husband’s heart; you will not regret it.

Fall in love with his scent and the sound of his name.

How do you say your husband’s name? IS it in an exasperated tone, in a demanding tone Or in an admiring tone? To have access to his heart, showing him that he is dear to you? Fall in love all over again with the scent of his skin and the sound of his name. Every man wants to be admired.

Delight in his love.

Let love for your husband be better than wine. Wine is a metaphor for pleasure, intoxication, sweetness, and exhilaration. This woman was saying the love of her beloved brought her indescribable and incomparable joy and delight.

Focus on his qualities that once had your heart on fire and let him hear you talking wonderfully about him. It will touch his heart.

Ask about the details of his day.

 Do you think of your husband throughout the day wondering how that meeting went, what he’s encountering, and how he’s doing? Do you show an interest in his everyday life and job? No husband wants to have to give his wife an account for the details of his day if he feels like he’s being interrogated. But every man wants to know he is on his woman’s mind.

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Focus on his uniqueness.

Do you see your husband as 10 feet tall even if he’s not? It’s easy for you to compare your husbands to others and maybe even focus on how they fall short. But in what ways does he stand out? In what areas does he become smarter, sharper, more experienced and unique?

It is you that will let him know that you see him as taller or stronger or better than he actually is. He may begin to walk a little taller when you do.

Return his compliments.

If your husband hasn’t complimented you in quite a while, take the initiative to begin talking him up, genuinely and sincerely. As you begin to focus on his qualities and compliment him often, it’s likely he’ll begin complimenting you again, too.

“Catch” what is causing conflict and rid the house of it.

 Sometimes it’s the little things that become big things later on. Iron out those differences as you go along. Address situations so they don’t pile up. And be on the alert for “intruders” in the way of distractions, interruptions, misplaced priorities, and unhealthy boundaries when it comes to protecting your unity.

Recognize you two belong to each other.

How could any man not desire a woman who considers her body his own and his body hers? Start treating your body like a gift for your husband and help take care of his body as if it were an extension of your own. Because, according to the Word of God, it is!

When your husband is agitated calm him down.

When your husband is agitated, or angry you can use the key of silence and a lovely smile to calm down. When he calms down, approach him affectionately, and convey your worry to him, sweetly inquiring: “O my beloved, what is wrong?”

Initiate reconciliation when you realize you’ve grown complacent.

In every marriage, complacency sets in. We get tired, bored, or just plain uninterested, sexually. We sometimes even begin to have excuses for why we don’t want to be intimate, why we don’t feel like talking, and why we don’t even want to be close to our husbands. It’s normal to experience periods of apathy or indifference. But don’t remain in that state.

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