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How Marriage can lead to Depression

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How Marriage can lead to Depression

Adenike Akindude

Everyone going into marriage has so many expectations that are great and imaginations of how your partner should be like but these expectations might be cut short by some unimaginable behavior of some partners that leave the other person in a deplorable state. Below are some factors that can lead to depression in marriage;

Lack of maturity

When you go into marriage with a person that is not fit yet for marriage, it becomes horrible in marriage as the person will not be able to cope with some of the challenges marriage brings. The other partner in this kind of marriage becomes emotionally disturbed which can lead to depression.

Marriage is supposed to be a union of two people with the same goal and view about life. Two People whose nature can complement each other. If this is not happening in marriage, one partner will wear the other out and it can eventually lead to depression.

Constant fights

Regular quarrels, arguments, and fight in marriage cause emotional breakdown which can affect both couples. These fights will lead to a lack of concentration as they may lose focus on achieving the goals they were supposed to achieve together for themselves and the children.

Lack of intimacy

When either of the couples cannot satisfy each other sexually it breaks them down emotionally. Sex is very important for couples to develop a strong bond but when there is constant denial in bed, the partner at the receiving end will end up depressed because he or she feels alone despite being in a marriage.

Financial burden

In marriage, financial commitments are much and can be very demanding for both partners but when it becomes regular that the needs of the home are not met, it breaks down the partners especially the breadwinner of the family who is responsible for providing all that is needed by the family.

Every couple must know that depression is very contagious, it starts with one partner and affects the other especially when the home becomes hostile and no more loveable. Both partners must work together to do everything possible to avoid depression in their marriage.

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