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Marriage: What You Should Watch Out Before You Get Married

by Kufre Ekpo

Marriage is glorious institution ordained by God, but you need wisdom, information, and adequate knowledge to make it work.

Even our maker (God) knew that the man alone was not perfect, so He created woman for him, that is to let you know how important marriage is in one’s life.

However, when you are in a relationship and about to settle down, you need more than love to make it work. Many don’t know this, love binds two people together, but what sustains a marriage is beyond love.

I am not telling you to settle down for a man or woman you don’t love or have feelings for, but it is important to learn from our elders and make good use of their words, so that you don’t get it wrong in marriage.

The General Overseer of the Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG) pastor Enoch Adeboye sometimes ago advised young men and women never to settle down with these sets of people.

1. A man who don’t have a job

The cleric clearly stated that, before God gave Eve to Adam, he gave him a job and a hand that doesn’t work should not eat nor marry. He then advised the women out there never to settle down with a man who has no job or other means of steady income.

2. Physical Appearance

Though it’s good to settle down with someone that is presentable, but your marriage shouldn’t base on this. The man of God also advised all the young men out there not to marry for beauty sake.

According to him, that beautiful and angelic woman will grow old and the beauty will fades as time goes on.

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3. An Unbeliever

The cleric said, “it is better to be single than to settle down with someone who do not share the same believes with you.” Don’t you ever think you can convert or change them and the Bible said we should not equally yoked with an unbelievers.

4. A Woman Who Cannot Cook

One of the most important qualities of a woman is an ability to prepare a delicious food. A girl who cannot cook will not be a good wife.

5. Worldly Women

These are the sets of ladies that wear extremely body hugging dress revealing their shapes, transparent clothes showing their breasts, a lady who is always after party, drinking, jewelry and other worldly things. He advised men never to settle down with them.

6. Don’t Marry Because Of Talents

To have and showcasing talent is a wonderful thing to do, but you don’t have to get married to him or her because of this. Remember the devil used to the choirmaster in heaven, you don’t settle with any man or woman because they can sing, dance or pray.

7. Lazy Women

The cleric also advised not to marry a lazy woman; he urged them to pay their bride to be a surprise visit to learn more about this lady before marriage.

Considering the high rate of divorce witnessing in our society today, it is advisable to heed to above pieces of advice when someone is choosing a life partner, to avoid the turbulent that many couples are facing in their marriages.

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