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Maternity Leave Now 4 Months, FG Warns Employers

by Adenike Akindude

Maternity Leave Now 4 Months, FG Warns Employers

The Federal Government of Nigeria has increased the maternity leave that women take after delivery to four months instead of the previous three months.

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The announcement was made by the Minister of Labour and Employment, Chirs Ngige on the 5th of June at the International Labour Conference, Geneva, Switzerland.

According to the Minister, the four months leave will be a positive help for both mother and child as the mother will have enough time to breastfeed the baby.

He also warned employers against sacking women who are married or nursing babies.

Here is what the Minister of Labour and Employment said:

“Employers of labour (in Nigeria) are, by regulation, requested to provide workplace crèches for nursing mothers for ease at work place. In the public service, government recently increased the period for maternity leave from 12 to 16 weeks; to allow enough recuperation for both baby and mother, especially in the area of breast feeding. In addition, all disciplinary proceedings against any female staff, which might have been taken during the period of her maternity leave shall be put in abeyance till the expiration of the leave. Employers of labour are also barred from removal of women from work due to their marital or maternity status, illegal labour migration, contract staffing and labour casualisation which affects most women, are being reformed through policies and regulations at national, bilateral and multilateral levels”

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