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Meet 8 common scams by criminals – by phone and in person

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Meet 8 common scams by criminals – by phone and in person
Some of them, those involving phone calls, are usually enforced from within prisons. In others, criminals act personally, often counting on the help of comparsas.

Pay close attention not to fall into any of these blows:

1. Broken car
The criminal calls a random number, and when someone answers, he tries to pass himself off as a relative from a distance, a nephew or cousin. He usually starts the conversation by saying, “Hi, cousin, do you know who’s talking?” And one falls into the rubbish of saying a name. Ready! He pretends to be that person.

He invents that the car has crashed on the road and needs to call the winch or mechanic, but he is out of money at the moment. It then induces the person to deposit an amount into your account. Or ask her to put credits on her cell phone so she can talk to her family or trigger the insurer.

2. Empty envelope

This scam is usually applied to the purchase of valuable goods, such as a car or a motorcycle. But it is also used in the purchase of furniture or building materials. The criminal deposits an empty envelope in the electronic terminal and presents the “proof of payment” to the victim, who ends up delivering the merchandise.

3. False prize winning from a TV show

The recipient sends a text message saying that it is from the production of some TV program, and that the person has won a prize, but that in order to receive it, he / she must follow the instructions contained in the message. The victim ends up buying mobile credit and the scammers offer more rewards if she recharges.

4. False Kidnapping

According to the police, this is a case of extortion, not just stellage. The criminal calls a random number and says, in a threatening voice, that he is in possession of the son or daughter of the person who has served, and demands the payment of a redemption per deposit. Another voice appears in the background screaming, as if being tortured, or appears on the phone shouting, “Father / mother, please send the money to them, otherwise they will kill me!” Many who have children may become confused or even believe in history.

The forger keeps the person on the line at all times until the deposit is completed as a way to prevent the victim from contacting the allegedly kidnapped son or daughter with another family member or with the police.

5. Hole in queue to receive a home for government housing programs
In this case, the victim is also trying to gain an advantage. The scammer promises to pass the person in front of others on receiving their home in a government program in exchange for an amount. As soon as he gets the money, he just disappears.

6. Awarded ticket
The scammer says he has a winning ticket but can not withdraw the prize because he has some restriction (lack of document, problem with justice) and asks the victim to withdraw the value in his place, in exchange for a part of the prize.

But the scammer asks for a sum or something of value, like jewelry, as a guarantee that he will actually “get the money” when the victim takes out. In possession of the bail, he flees, leaving the injured victim with a worthless note.

7. Peculio
The victim receives a letter stamped supposedly sent by a Civil Court, informing that there is a high value to be received as an allowance, but that in order to receive it, it must pay the costs of the process. She calls a number indicated in the mail and gets advice from the criminal about how to make the payment, which will obviously end up in your account.

8. Money Package
Two criminals watch the victim take large amounts of money in a bank and follow her. One of them pretends to drop – so as to draw the victim’s attention – a high-value check and a bogus bundle of money. Her companion approaches her and says that she has also seen what happened and convinces her to go back and return the money together.

The “careless” phony demonstrates gratitude for the duo’s honesty and offers them a reward, asking them to “come into your office” to receive it.

The comparsa pretends to have gone to receive the reward and returns with a significant amount of money, arousing the interest of the victim. She is induced to leave her valuables while she seeks her reward, and when she notices the coup, the two have disappeared.

Care needed not to fall into a blow
When alms are too much … be suspicious. Be wary of awards, promises, advantages. The only sure way to earn some extra money is by doing extra work.

NEVER give strangers leash on the phone. NEVER provide personal information, family names, friends. Do not even say your name.

Be very careful when making withdrawals. If the value is large, try to disguise the volume and, if possible, take someone with you.

Do not freak out. It is easier for the forger to manipulate desperate people. Take a deep breath and try to reason. One right question can dismantle the farce on time.

Abandon greed. Many people only fall for scams because they covet prizes and advantages.

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