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Men’s Health: 6 things you do that lower your sperm count

by Okechukwu Liberty
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Men’s Health: 6 things you do that lower your sperm count

The modern man’s sperm is in low supply, according to research.

Sperm counts in Western men have plummeted by more than half in the last 40 years, according to a Hebrew University study. While scientists are unable to pinpoint a specific cause, research has revealed that certain lifestyle factors have a significant impact on a man’s sperm count. The good news is that those levels aren’t usually permanent.

It takes 60 to 90 days for sperm to mature normally. That indicates that the negative consequences of poor lifestyle choices can be reversed in as little as two or three months.

Here are some of the most prevalent behaviours that cause his sperm count to drop, as well as what to do about it.

1. Insufficient ejaculation:

It’s a common misperception that males must conserve sperm for when it’s time to start a family. In fact, sperm health depends on regular sexual activity. If the body does not receive the signal to generate sperm, it will produce less.

In other words, utilize it or lose it. Males should ejaculate once or twice a week to maintain output, according to health experts.

2. Exposure to high temperatures:

Heat has been shown to impact sperm production. Hot tubs, heated car seats, and even laptops are all problems, but laptops are one of the most popular producers of heat. Laptop computers have the ability to cook sperm.

It’s also worth noting that certain jobs that require a lot of heat, such as working as a chef in a hot kitchen or as a firefighter in a non-breathable suit, can reduce sperm count.

3. Smoking:

Tobacco or marijuana use can lower sperm count, effectiveness, and quality. Toxins and pollutants travel from the lungs to the testicles via the circulatory system.

Stopping smoking for a few months has been found to have an effect on sperm count in studies.

4. Getting agitated:

Due to the subjective nature of stress, it’s difficult to quantify its effects, but fertility experts urge that men strive to reduce it.

Men who are anxious are more likely to have decreased sperm counts, according to research. Increased levels of the hormone glucocorticoid are linked to stress, and this can have a deleterious impact on testosterone and sperm production. Anti-anxiety or antidepressant medicines can exacerbate the condition. “A number of drugs can cause erectile dysfunction and have an impact on the volume of ejaculate produced.

5. Wearing a pair of briefs or a pair of tight pants:

It is not advisable to wear underwear or apparel that clings the scrotal sac tight to the body. The testicles are positioned where they are because the optimal temperature for sperm generation is a few degrees lower than body temperature. The testicles can’t regulate temperature when they’re held too close to the body, preventing healthy sperm production.

6. Consuming an excessive amount of alcohol:

Alcohol can impair the testes’ ability to generate sperm when consumed in excessive concentrations.

Moderate red wine consumption, on the other hand, may have a protective impact on sperm. Red wine’s antioxidants may aid to minimize sperm exposure to free radicals, which can harm cells and DNA.

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