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Migraine in child or adolescent: What can it be?

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Migraine in child or adolescent: What can it be?
Almost 10% of teenagers suffer from a migraine. The average onset of symptoms in girls is 10 years and may become more intense in their menstrual periods. And in boys 7 years. Many have migraines because they inherit from their parents.

Some factors that can trigger a migraine attack.

Prolonged fasting
The ideal is to always eat every three hours, it can be a fruit. The crisis can start because of the lack of sugar in the body.

There is a substance called tyramine. Here are some foods that contain this substance in large quantities: Chocolate, yellow cheese, beer, wine, soy sauce and caffeine in large quantities. Tyramine combined with antidepressants can cause a rapid change in blood pressure, dilating the cerebral vessels and causing a headache.

Some smells can start a migraine attack. That’s because strong odors strike our brain, the limbic system. So, try to avoid the use of strong perfumes, can cause a very strong headache.

Stress causes a lot of headaches. There are many tasks to be accomplished: work, studies, families, tests, etc. All causes stress and so can come to very strong migraine. Stress makes your nervous system work faster.

Lack of sleep
Half of the Nigerian population goes through this problem, the lack of sleep, and the symptoms of a bad night is not pleasant. Lack of sleep does not relax the muscles and thus causes headaches. Hunger is also a factor that can inhibit sleep and this is not only in babies, so try to eat and eat light foods before bedtime.

Anxiety manifests itself in several ways: Some are delusions, diarrhea, palpitations.

Menstrual cycle
In this period, a fall of the estrogen, that is one of the main feminine hormones occurs. It is produced in the ovaries and released in the menstrual cycle. And it can then cause a migraine.

Even with the information obtained in this article, seek a Neurologist doctor to have a specific follow-up.

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