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Missing dialogue? 8 Signs That Your Relationship Is Near The End

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Missing dialogue? 8 Signs That Your Relationship Is Near The End
It’s hard not to get carried away when you are in love with a new person. The phase of knowing each other is full of discoveries and news, and we can hardly wait for the next meeting.

In the beginning, we only have eyes for the qualities of the person, and we refuse to see the possible defects.

However, if we insist on not seeing the reality, the initial excitement may end up giving rise to a great disappointment.

Know some signs that the relationship has everything to go wrong and consider whether you should give it a chance or jump off the boring boat.

1. He is always right
At first, it may even seem like he is a confident and confident guy but over time you will realize that he is actually incapable of admitting a mistake and apologizing.

2. Do you feel you are talking to yourself
Lack of empathy is a frequent complaint from women. If you feel that the partner simply does not seek to understand your side, it can be difficult to bring the relationship forward.

3. You do not accept yourself as you are
No one person is the same as the other, but if the differences are many and you can not accept each other, this can be a sign of difficulties ahead.

Unfortunately, that story of opposites attracts does not work very well in practice.

4. The chat does not mesh
The first purpose of dating someone is to get to know them better, right? Except this will be a very difficult task if the conversation between you does not mesh.

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Either because he does not stop talking and does not give you space or because he does not collaborate with the pursuit of the subject and you need to do a monolog, the difficulty in establishing a conversation is a sign that there has been a connection between you.

5. A lot of expectation and a short time of relationship
As much as mutual interest is great, expectations too high for a first moment, such as marriage plans and children, can be a sign of anxiety to engage in a relationship – any relationship, not exactly the partner in question.

6. The lack of plans is also a sign
Creating too many expectations is a problem, but the total absence of plans is also not a good sign. If there are no plans to even have a beer next weekend or watch a movie that will premiere, the lack of interest is clear.

7. All previous relationships were bad
We all have previous relationships, and if they stayed in the past, it’s because some reason exists. But when you can not get something positive out of your experiences, even for your personal growth, this can be a sign of lack of maturity and respect.

Think about it: you can be the “next victim” of wholly partial trials in the future.

8. On the basis of the lost
You talked about meeting over the weekend. He arrives on Friday night and he disappears, appearing at the end of Sunday with some excuse. Or, you send several messages in WhatsApp, but his response is the most sonic vacuum.

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No use: no matter how good the first date was, it is not possible to maintain a relationship with the famous “lost”.

These signs are not the only ones that may indicate that the relationship already has an expiration date, but they are a good basis for you to assess whether you should even go head-on into this novel or if you should keep a little bit behind. Keep an eye.

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