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Monthly allowance for your girlfriend; Right or Wrong move?

by Okechukwu Liberty

Monthly allowance for your girlfriend; Right or Wrong move?

No one should ever feel obligated to offer their girlfriends allowances, no matter how excellent they are.
These are the days when there is no money and no affection.

Let’s speak about boyfriends and girlfriends, and whether or not it’s appropriate to give someone you’re dating a monthly allowance.

Money and its use in relationships is, unsurprisingly, one of the most discussed and frequently contentious areas of relationships. In the recent past, issues such as cab costs after visits, who pays during dates, how much one needs to earn before considering a relationship, and so on have been discussed on social media.

Another component of this money topic is the custom of giving your girlfriend money for her upkeep at the end of each month. This money is known as Girlfriend Allowance, which is money given to a guy’s girlfriend at the end of each month for her miscellaneous needs.

Nothing prevents a man from providing money to his girlfriend. There’s no rule about how often it should happen or how much it should cost.

It’s understandable for a man to want to indulge his girlfriend in whichever way he sees fit. If giving his woman a monthly allowance is one of the ways he expresses his gratitude for her presence in his life, no one should criticize him for it.

It is admirable and wonderful for guys who feel comfortable doing so. If you don’t see a problem with it, don’t be discouraged by others.
The bae allowance isn’t a relationship requirement.

Although the Bae allowance is not incorrect, it should never be used as a connection metric. If you’re dating someone who gives you a monthly, weekly, or daily allowance, it’s vital to remember that this is a generous gesture, not a required or widely-accepted relationship standard.

Communication, honesty, gift-giving, and other relational demands are not on the same level as the Girlfriend allowance.

This is why any money exchanged between spouses [whether monthly or less frequently] should be appreciated for what it is: a gift, rather than being demanded as if it were a contractual obligation.

Your lover does not owe you the responsibility of gifting you money, just as you do not owe him the obligation of cooking his meals or cleaning up his apartment during your visits, as we previously stated.

People should participate in these activities because they are capable and want to. No one should be forced to participate.

You can demand certain things in a relationship because you are entitled to them, but a monthly allowance, as pleasant as it is, isn’t one of them.

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