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The Movie “Wedding Party” becomes Non-Fiction

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The Movie” Wedding Party” becomes Non-Fiction

Odunayo Ajani  (Niftyrules)
Who will ever believe that the fictional couple in the film ‘The Wedding Party’ will eventually be married in real life? But then, that is what Nigerian singer Banky W and Nigerian actress Adesua Etomi made clear to us just of recent. Can Life be taken for a funny kid?
Just as seen in The Wedding Party, Banky W who played Dozie thrilled his fans when he chased after his bride-to-be (Dunni coker) in response to a careless release of the wrong flash disk to an event planner who after eventually playing it, caused awe in the face of well-wishers who attended the party. Banky had to run after his love so as to ensure the wedding still holds. See the irony of life, he’d to run after the same lady in real life again.
It wouldn’t have been a better person other than Banky W the Mr capable himself. Just last Saturday the 6th of May, their wedding introduction took place in grand style in Ikoyi Lagos with some dignitaries in attendance. Who knows, maybe in a few weeks from now Adesua Etomi will become Mrs. Adesua Wellington or will you have preferred Mrs. Adesua Capable? Whichever you pick goes “jare”, All that matter is getting rid of bad friends like the prophet in the movie said in his irrepressible prayers

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