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“My husband is my hero” -Says, female entrepreneur 

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"My husband is my hero" - Founder, Julietta Foundation

Juliet Isa is the founder and visioneer of Julietta foundation, an Abuja based NGO committed to setting pace for women and the girl-child in the Nigerian society. In this exclusive interview with her, she told DAILYFAMILY.ng about her projects and emphasized how helpful her husband has been to her, even as she touches lives in her social entrepreneurship endeavours.


Can we meet you please?
I’m Juliet Isa, a social entrepreneur, humanitarian, mentor and a teacher.


Will you lead us into your educational background?
I’m a graduate of Visual Arts, from Cross River University of Technology Calabar.


We heard about your foundation. Can you lead us more into what made you start a foundation such as this?

42% of women in Nigeria are illiterate, due to premarital pregnancy and poverty. And the rate is increasing. So it’s time we start doing something about it.


What can you say is so dear to you about the girl-child, women folks in general?

There is a saying that goes “When you educate a woman, you educate a Nation”. Whether we choose to accept it or not, women are Nation builders. We are more than just females, we are super humans born with the abilities to nurture, protect, teach, and give birth to a whole new human being.


What has been the contribution of your organization to the actualization of equality for the girl-child in a male dominated society?

The Julietta Foundation seeks equal educational opportunity for both men and women. If a girl is pregnant and has to drop out of school, then the boy who impregnated her should drop out of school too, It takes two to tango. She didn’t impregnate herself. But if the boy is allowed to continue his life and education, then she should be free to continue with her education during pregnancy and after child birth.


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What is or are your present project(s)?
We have the First Ladies Conference. It is an annual event we organize, where we bring in resource persons to train young women on entrepreneurship, leadership and how to build their self esteem. The First Ladies Conference also features the Project-Push-Through-School, were we offer scholarships to young women who dropped out of school due to premarital pregnancy to go back to school. And so far we have sent four young women back to school, and they are currently pushing through school.

Juliet Isa posed for a photoshoot -dailyfamily.ng

Juliet Isa posed for a photoshoot

And we also had the Project-Go-Back-To-School, were we distribute school materials like books, sandals, school bags etc to children living in rural areas, and so far we’ve carried out this project in 3 rural primary schools.


How have you been empowered for these projects of yours?

For now all we have are individual donors and sponsors who believe in our dreams and are helping us fund them. We are calling on cooperate and more individual donors to support our vision in developing the girl child.


Are you thinking of any empowerment project for the women folk?

Yes I am.


What will that be?

Some of these young women who dropped out of school due to premarital pregnancy feel they are too old and too ashamed to go back to school. So we are planning to enroll them into skill acquisitions program and adult education.


We noticed that you are married?

Yes I’m seriously married.


How have you been supported by your spouse in the bid to actualize your dream?

My husband is my hero and God sent to me, he helped me birth this dream of mine, nurtured it and brought it to reality. He made me realize that I can do it, if I put my mind to it. And he is my biggest fan and sponsor.


Juliet Isa and her Husband, First Baba Isa in a studio, for a Photoshoot

Juliet Isa and her Husband, First Baba Isa in a studio, for a Photoshoot

Have you considered doing something else?

Yes, apart from what I’m doing I’m working on becoming a lecturer too. Because teaching and educating people is also my passion.


What gives you joy more?

To put smiles on the faces of people who had lost hope.


What is your advice to women out there?

To every woman, you are more than just a female, you are creative, a Nation builder and you are beautiful.


How far have you been heard on this project of yours?

We’ve been Carrying out these projects for 3 years now. And we hope it impact the lives of more young women as time goes by.

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