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My newlywed husband cannot perform sexually. What should I do?

by O. S David
My newlywed husband cannot perform sexually. What should I do?-dailyfamily.ng

My newlywed husband cannot perform sexually. What should I do?

After reading through some of your articles on MATTERS OF THE HEART on dailyfamily.ng I decided to share my story.

I have two objectives of sharing this pathetic story of mine, one, to educate every young single lady out there. Two, to seek advice on what to do.

Growing up as a young lady, I always look forward to that day I will get married to my own husband, have children and in a happy home. But what am currently seeing now is the total opposite of my wish.

I met Tunji during my NYSC service in Kwara State, he is a handsome young looking guy, smart and a banker at one of the new generation banks in the state.

Just a year into our relationship, he proposed marriage to me. It was a wonderful thing to me and a surprise as he did this on the eve of my birthday. Without wasting time, I quickly gave him a “YES” answer.

Three months later we got married. On our wedding day, we received so many blessings from both parents and wishes from loved ones but it seems none of the blessings and wishes is working in our marriage.

The episodes of the story started on my wedding night. As a young lady and a newlywed bride, I expected that night to be special (you know what I mean) but what I experienced was a total difference.

My newlywed husband cannot perform his duty as a man (sexually), I mean his pen!s did not rise at all. It was just like a rubber hose.

At first, I thought it was due to the stress he went through during the day, so I decided not to bother him as I just went to bed like that. But to my greatest surprise, this went on from days to weeks and anytime I ask him he always gives one excuse or the other.

Two weeks ago, I decided to take it rough with him not minding what will happen. We fought for the first time in our marriage. Although he was begging me, but I told him to tell me the truth or I will quit the marriage as I can’t continue to be living with my husband like a brother and a sister.

The following day his mother came (I believed he called her), it was his mother who now explained everything to me. According to her, Tunji had a serious sickness that almost claimed his life when he was much younger. On treating the sickness with different kinds of medications, it affected his manhood (pen!s). The pen!s is there physically but cannot rise.

She later said on noticing this, they consulted a medical doctor who told them there is nothing they can do to make it rise but assured them that it does not affect the potency of his sperm. Meaning that the only way he can have children is through In Vitro Fertilization (IVF).

On hearing this, I busted into tears. I never believed Tunji can do this to me. He never discussed this with me during our courtship.

Now, he and his family are begging me not to leave him.

The issue now is not about having children through IVF but the fact that I won’t be satisfied sexually and I don’t want to cheat on him.

Truly, we love each other, but I don’t think I can cope with this.

What should I do? Please, I need your advice




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