Kola Omisore is the Creative Director of Verdant Zeal group, A multi-dimensional consultancy and communications group. In this exclusive interview with DAILYFAMILY, he told us that the worst moment he will encounter in business is when he fails to deliver his business pitch effectively at opportunity to do so.


We’ll like to meet you sir?

I am Kola’ Omisore, a highly versatile and adaptable professional with proven skills and expertise with many years of experience in marketing communications industry. A visual communicator and a multi-award winning creative thinker of repute with a clear-cut eye for profit maximization.


Please take us into your educational background?

I own Diploma in Painting & General Art from Auchi Polytechnics and also a Graduate of Graphic Art from the great Yaba College of Technology. I am an Associate, Registered Practitioner of Advertising (arpa) since 2006 and likewise became a Fellow of The Institute of Brand Management of Nigeria (FIBM), 2017.


Will we like to know a bit about your family?

Let me start by saying I was born into the largest family in West Africa (if history is right) and I happen to be one of the children of the great Hon Ipoola Ahmed Omisore.


Can you tell us about your company?

I am the creative director at Verdant Zeal group, A full-fledged multi-dimensional consultancy and communications group with qualified professionals which began operations on 1st March 2007. What we do at Verdant Zeal is to provide brand strategy, design and the full range of marketing communication Services in Nigerian (with offices in Lagos, PH & Kano), Ghana and Gambia markets. Our aim at Verdant Zeal Group is to transform brands by creating contents, value, and fulfilling needs. Besides this, I pursue my passion as a fictional character by starting a comedy page called KOLAtoons. As a comic icon attempting to reinvent himself, after much consultation and advice from all and sundry, I decided to shift attention to what I can call my natural talent by coining a stage name for myself as “Kolatoons”. Kolatoons is a combination of my name as and cartoon character. Kolatoons humour-content is largely online where I create materials (photographs, text and video skits) drawn from real-life experiences.
By His grace, we have over 30,000 followers/likes after just a few months into the establishment. If you really want to be light-hearted, visit this page and your life will never remain the same again.

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What exactly led you to brand marketing and consultancy?

Well. For me, it’s hereditary. It runs in my family. My father was a marketing communication guru. His indelible mark and exploits in the marketing communication industry led to my decision to dabble in marketing communication.

Mr Kola Omisore dedicating his award to his family the recently concluded Lagos young entrepreneurs award and summit 2017
Mr Kola Omisore dedicating his award to his family the recently concluded Lagos young entrepreneurs award and summit 2017

Tell us about your worst moment in business?

My worst moment is not really the worst moment but the period that got me thinking. Its when I fail at business pitches. I never see myself as being very good at what I do whenever I lost out but this spurn me to keep learning, fighting and unlearning what I know.


What has been the challenge starting up a new comedy platform from the scratch?

The challenge is time and focus. Even though I’m only pursuing my passion. It’s pretty difficult managing it with my daily bread. Sometimes, I might have great comical ideas that I have to arrange videography for, because of time, I might ignore the idea(s). But as time goes on I will find a means of doing it, with determination.


What force keeps propelling you to do more amidst adversity?

Determination! Nothing in this world can take the place of persistence. Talent will not: nothing is more common than unsuccessful men with talent. Genius will not; unrewarded genius is almost a proverb. Education will not: the world is full of educated derelicts. Persistence and determination alone are omnipotent.


How have you been able to manage your family life with business?

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It’s difficult but with my wife’s understanding, it’s doable.


What has been the development of brand marketing and consultation industry in Nigeria?

Its gradually gaining ground but I won’t say that without talking about one of the challenges we face – the economy. Our economy is not friendly, this has made a lot of businesses not deeply involved in marketing for their brands.


How will you explain the transformation process of a brand?

It depends on the area of your focus.
The overarching goal of a brand transformation is to elevate your brand above “features and functions” and to help you identify and discuss true differentiators. By default, many companies and employees speak only about the things they make or do, yet this hardly addresses customer need. Instead, companies should focus on defining their critical success factors to satisfy their customers’ greatest needs, wants, or desires. Think about the unique value your organization adds to culture or customer service, such as grit, ingenuity, or progressive thinking.

The first step is to Make a plan to interview personnel from each of your key stakeholder groups. This will include company leadership, staff from each department and as many customers or clients as possible. Develop questions that will reveal organizational strengths, opportunities for improvement, or a shared vision. There is more to it than what I can just discuss here. A lot has to be done. But start by avoiding any branding messages that feel too manufactured or scattered, create a brand promise you can easily back with delivery and performance, and observe how your company performs in comparison to the brand promise. If an organization fails to deliver, customers will feel betrayed, frustrated, or deceived.


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In few sentence what can you describe as your number one success factor?

Don’t Take Rest After Your First Victory Because If You Fail In Seconds, More Lips Are Waiting To Say Your First Victory Is A Luck – Abdul Kalam


As a recipient of the young media Entrepreneur award, what do you think gave you the winning over others?

My love for what I do. Apart from that, need I remind you that the success didn’t just arrive overnight. I won the same award at my local government level in the year 2014. Apart from being a full-blown professional that know his onions, I am also the visionary of Dream Foundation, a non-profitable initiative established in 2008 with an objective of providing counselling and educational support to the underprivileged adolescents in Ifako-Ijaiye LGA, Lagos and its vicinities. DF focuses on mainstreaming out-of-school youths through education. It also aims to bring about a positive change, not only in their lives but in the society as a whole. This and many other exploits of mine in the marketing communication industry through Verdant Zeal group and my achievement on Kolatoons made this feat possible and I thank my fans, supporters and well-wishers.

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