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Newlyweds: 9 Ways to Enjoy Your Honeymoon Life

by Akinola Olabode

Newlyweds:9 ways to enjoy your honeymoon life

The honeymoon is one unforgettable period in the life of the newlyweds. They look forward to this period and some even wish it never ends. It is the first time of the couple being together intimately and so would want to enjoy the moment fully.

1. Call the hotel you plan to lodge in ahead of time to help in arranging a room that suits the purpose so that you can have a good first-night experience. Sleep heavily and deeply in each other’s arms

2. Plan together. you may have possibly done some planning during courtship but the honeymoon period is also a time to plan together and also revisit some of the things you have talked about before getting married.

3. Kiss generously and passionately. Be generous with each other’s nakedness. Remember you are now married and got nothing to hide.

4. Eat together and watch television together, Say nice and unforgettable things to each other

5. Look at your wedding pictures and videos together. Though your wedding photographer and videographer may still take time for editing the photos and videos, your friends would surely have some raw and unedited copies which are what you need at this time. It will help you to laugh deeply together as you watch the videos and look at the pictures

6. Go to the cinema and watch a movie together, Look for a cool place, sit, chat and take a walk together admiring nature

7. Have couple’s massage. Let your hubby do it on you while you reciprocate the favour. It could be soothing and relaxing

8. Don’t forget to have your quiet time regularly, this could form the basis for the home you are about to build. Pray together because a family that prays together stays together.

9. Make love generously and try different sex positions that were taught during your premarital counselling and the ones you have read about. Just make sure you don’t force your spouse to do what they are not comfortable doing. Be easy on each other. Take it slow and make it one thing at a time

Remember, the honeymoon period is a trip you take to enjoy yourselves and it could be for days, weeks or even months depending on your plan. All you need to know is that this period must be for your utmost enjoyment, pleasure, and relaxation.

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