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Nigerian Consulate in South Africa speaks on recent Xenophobic attack

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Nigerian Consulate in South Africa speaks on recent Xenophobic attack

The year 2017 recorded one of the most disturbing moment of Xenophobic attack from South Africans on Nigerian.


Just recently, another attack surged in Gauteng Province of South Africa when residents destroyed properties and houses belonging to Nigerian families and business firm ran by Nigerians.


Reacting to the disturbing situation, Nigeria Consulate in South Africa announced on Thursday that an agreement has been reached with the police to meet regularly with Nigerian community in Krugersdorp, near Johannesburg.

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The Consular and Immigration minister, Mr Anthony Ogbe met with the police on the recent violent clash in the area and made a mission statement.

A recent violent demonstration which took place on Monday in Krugersdorp in Gauteng Province of South Africa left several houses and business premises belonging to Nigerians destroyed by local residents.

The South Africans however alleged that foreigners mostly consisting of Nigerians has been running prostitution rings in their communities and dealing also in drug.

These allegations were however refuted by the Nigerian union in South Africa.

Ogbe in a meeting to address the pressing issue called on Nigerian communities to eschew crime, condemning criminality as a whole, adding that the Federal Government of Nigeria is against any act that will discredit her image or that of Nigerians abroad.

“The meeting agreed to an arrangement where the police will meet with the leadership of the Nigerian community to review the relationship between the communities and Nigerians, share information on threats to security in the communities and work jointly to expose the criminal elements whose activities bring hardship on innocent law-abiding immigrants,” he said.

He also said those without meaningful engagement and who are willing to go home will be assisted.

He said that the mission had concluded arrangements to hold town hall meetings with Nigerians in South Africa.

“The Consulate will use the meeting to take its anti-crime campaign to the Nigerian communities in the provinces.

Nigerian Consulate in South Africa speaks on recent Xenophobic attack

A foreigner tortured by South Africans

“The Federal government is not happy with the incessant stories of attacks on Nigerians in South Africa and the negative narrative of involvement of some Nigerians in crime.


“Government is determined to change the narrative in 2018 to make way for more meaningful engagement with South Africans and promote increased cooperation and development for Nigeria,” the envoy said.

At the end of the meeting, members of the Nigerian community pledge to be lawful and to cooperate with the consulate to ensure a peaceful co-existence.

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