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Why Nigerian Ladies set financial standards for men

by O. S David
Why Nigerian Ladies set financial standards for men

Why Nigerian Ladies set financial standards for men

-Adenike Akindude

It is common nowadays that you see young women set some financial standards concerning the kind of men they will be in a relationship with. This didn’t just start happening, there are certain reasons responsible for this in our society. Here are some of the reasons

Her financial status: Some ladies don’t like to marry some guys who don’t meet their standards financially because of their status. Ladies that are financial giants will not want to be in a relationship with a man that can’t meet up with her own financial status but would prefer someone that can complement her status.

Career: the career of some ladies demands a pattern for which they should live their lives. For example, a lady who is a public figure cannot stay or marry someone who is not in her societal class for some reasons that might be personal.

Ambition/Goals: some ladies have set certain goals they will like to achieve in life, this is why they see a man with low income as someone they can’t flow with because they see this as a stumbling block to their progress. It is important to know that one cannot achieve some goals alone without support.

Future security: why most women desire to be in a relationship with a financially buoyant man is because they want a future that is certain, simply put (they don’t want to suffer). The truth is that everybody wants to be comfortable and that is why most ladies select guys that are financially stable as their future partners.

Children: another reason for ladies choice of financially buoyant guys is that they want their children to enjoy life and not suffer what they’ve been through in life. They desire to secure the best future ever for their children.

Ladies in this category must know that money is not all that is needed for the best future partner. Financially buoyant guys might not be the best partner ever. Other aspects in a man like his character, Godliness, maturity is equally important in marriage.


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