by Ayomide Victor

Responding, Kanu in an explanation on Tuesday, by his media and publicity secretary, Emma Powerful, portrayed the charge as “a bogus caution and a distraction by security agents to submit fear and make division among IPOB and Oodua bunch “

“We the global family of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) capably led by our leader chief Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, has again gone over another erroneous proclamation from Commissioner of Police in Lagos, professing to have revealed plot by IPOB and Estern Security Network, ESN, to attack Lagos sooner rather than later. “We in this way, wish to express that the implied proclamation by the CP is bogus alert and a lie from the pit of hell which exists just in the invention of his creative mind. Neither IPOB nor ESN has any plan to attack Lagos or any piece of Nigeria under any circumstance. We are not terrorists that attack targets.

“The purpose of IPOB is to reestablish Biafra, while ESN safeguards our tribal land against terrorists and killer herdsmen.
None of these can be accomplished by attacking Lagos. Lagos is Oduduwa Republic and we appreciate powerful relationship and collaboration with our Oduduwa brethren. All in all, what is our benefit in attacking Lagos

“Based on our understanding of the antics of the federal government of Nigeria, we, therefore, wish to put Lagosians on notice to be wary of this Government and its agencies. The purported statement by the CP is a smokescreen under which the security agencies want to hide and unleash mayhem on Lagos residents and turn around as usual to blame it on IPOB and ESN.

“They want to divert attention and carry out an act of terror in Lagos just the same way they are doing currently in the Eastern region. They have been destabilizing the Eastern region to pave the way for another special military operation in the region and kill more innocent Biafrans. After committing their atrocities they still point accusing fingers at IPOB and ESN just to have more excuses to further clamp down on us.

“Today, they have been going from one house to another snatching guiltless Biafrans, labeling them IPOB, and ESN individuals and supporters. However the deadly Fulani crooks and herders have kept on releasing dread on Nigerians practically unchallenged. The shameless Nigeria security agencies who flee at the sight of bandits have been busy arresting innocent newspapers vendors in Imo State for committing no crime other than selling newspapers that contain Biafra stories. But they began too late. They can’t suppress Biafra any longer! “The antics of the enemies cannot stop our irrevocable resolve to restore Biafra. We also wish to remind the hypocritical Nigeria security agencies that they will pay dearly for any innocent Biafran they kill.

This is a certain guarantee! “Will the government swear that it doesn’t have a clue who brought the killer herders into Nigeria through the permeable Northern boundaries? Who pays them ransom? Why are they trying to change the narrative and divert attention now? For what reason would they say they are attempting to change the story and redirect consideration now? IPOB is a peaceful movement and not a terror cell. Our peaceful disposition is the reason we maintain a global presence in over 100 countries. So, any attempt by Nigeria to blackmail us is dead on arrival.”

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