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“No one will be strong for you but yourself” -Physically Challenged lady

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"No one will be strong for you but yourself" -Physically Challenged lady -dailyfamily.ng

Abibat Awo was a victim of an accident sometimes in 2007 while returning from school. She had all her intentions for a preferable future intact but an accident in Yaba area of Lagos made one of her legs amputated after the situation got worse. All hope not lost, she is alive today and is doing well as a makeup artist and likewise trading in Fabrics.

In this exclusive interview with Dailyfamily.ng, she explains her challenges and the victory she always celebrates at every dawning of the day.


Can we meet you, please?

I’m Awo Abibat

Can we have a little of your educational background?
I studied mass communication at the University of Ilorin and attended Surulere girl secondary school. I graduated in 2015.

How excited are you about life today?

I’m very happy today. I may not be where I want to be, but definitely not where I was yesterday and the previous years.

What has been your greatest excitement in life?

Hmmm…greatest excitement? I wouldn’t say for now but trust me as the days unfold, it gets better.


What has been the most shocking news you ever heard?

The shocking news I ever heard was when I was told that my leg had to be amputated. But it’s ok.


What was the event that led to your leg being amputated?

The accident took place in the year 2007 while returning from school along Tejouso road in Yaba. I was then taken to a hospital where it was poorly managed. As a result, the limb got infected and it was eventually amputated.


Was it that the hospital lack quality facility to enhance your proper treatment or what?



So can you tell us what you are presently doing to make ends meet?
Hmmmm…I’m presently into makeup artistry and I sell fabrics too.

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How has mobility been for you considering Lagos ‘troublesome’ traffic?

I move around mostly with uber or taxify. Trust me, Mobility hasn’t been easy. I look forward to owning my own car by the grace of God soonest.


What support have you been able to get while your leg was amputated?

Some individuals have been supportive. My friends, family God, and parents.

"No one will be strong for you but yourself" -Physically Challenged lady -dailyfamily.ng

“No one will be strong for you but yourself” -Physically Challenged lady -dailyfamily.ng


Tell us about your marital status.
I am single.


Where do you see yourself in the nearest future?

I hope to have a family and to be a successful and achieved entrepreneur. I also hope I get the opportunity to give hope to other physically challenged who are having one difficulty or the other with accepting their status.


What do you dream of making out of Mass Communication which you studied in school?

Mass Communication has given a platform to learn a whole lot and I hope to work with a reputable media house for the opportunity to share knowledge and impact the world.


What project(s) are you working on at the moment?

I have intentions and I hope God helps me bring them to limelight.


What could be the most challenging thing for you at this time?

My greatest challenge right now is capital. It is Hard for any business to thrive without substantial capital and that is my greatest challenge right now which I believe if taken care of will pave way for others to fall into place. As much as I am physically challenged, I am strong and vibrant and intelligent too.


How have you been able to encourage yourself despite the challenging times?

God has been faithful actually. I’m happy because I have God and I have family especially my mum and sister and friends that are so sweet and supportive. They’ve been my source of strength and support.


What is your advice to people who might have or are facing the same challenge you are facing?

I want to encourage anyone who is going through one challenge or another physically or not, to be strong and know that whatever it is that they are going through, everything will turn out fine and they should reach into themselves to find strength cos no one will be strong for you but yourself.

Thank you.

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