Bisyom Publishing Limited, publishers of DAILY FAMILY, is a Nigerian media organisation based in Lagos, with a vision to help strengthen Nigeria’s Society by building Families, advancing the socio-economic wellbeing and rights of the people, promoting and enriching the family values, Women right, proper Parenting, Stronger marriage and better Homes.


Owners of the organisation believe that Family life matters and that No Nation can be stronger than the Families that constitute it.
Family makes and builds the Nation, it is the breeding ground of the Nation and the Nest of the Society.
Sadly the Family can also lead in negative directions: producing Negative People and truncating hope and vision. If the Family is Neglected it’s effects on the Nation will be Tragic.


DAILY FAMILY Newspaper is set up to be a platform for the Development and empowerment of the Family. We bring a huge commitment to offer our Country the type of media that will advocate for the Family and nudge our Nation on the path of development and Family reengineering.


We have come to realize that the media world is neglecting the Family and many useful Family values. They only talk about it, if at all during the weekend, not seeing Family life as a serious business and as the building block of the Nation. We have come to fill that lacuna in our press, and therefore raise the bar of journalism and Family life in our Country.


Our focus is very deep, our slogan will be “Building the Family, Sustaining the Nation”


We will publish across all formats beginning with this online platform where we hope to appeal to all ,including women and young ones who before now have not been reached in the Media.


To be the foremost Newspaper in Nigeria

To be a unique Family oriented Newspaper.

To be totally committed to Family Building and development

To be INTERACTIVE, INNOVATIVE, INFORMATIVE, EDUCATIVE and ENTERTAINING Family Newspaper using “Triple I,Double E principle”

To be number one Defender of the Family, Women and Children Rights in Africa.

To support Family Life in Nigeria based strictly on the standard of God.


Get in touch with us

Email: familynewsng@gmail.com   Dailyfamily.ng, Twitter – @DailyfamilyNG  and instagram @DailyfamilyNG