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How my one night stand with my boss is about to ruin my marriage.

by O. S David

My name is Ronke and I have been married for eight years but that blissful marriage is about going up in the flame due to one night of reckless passion that saw my boss have sex with me.

I work as a personal assistant to a shipping magnate and while the salary is good and an additional income to the family, what I am going through now cannot be compared to the comfort of my home but I am in a deep mess because after my boss took advantage of me, he now has an ace over me and I cannot walk away without repercussion.

For the four years I have worked in the company, my randy boss had been on my neck for a relationship which I always stave off but when it happened, he took my quite by surprise. We had gone on a conference in Lagos, something that was quite normal as his personal assistant. After the conference, which was very successful and quite rewarding for the company, my boss invited me out for dinner with his business partners and we had a few more drinks that was normal for me.

When we got to my hotel room, he asked me to come to his room so that we could plan our itinerary for the following day and while there, I must have passed out due to the drinks I had only to wake to find my boss on me. I tried to push him off but I was so weak.

After that day which I wish had not happen, my boss has continued to blackmail me sexually and anytime I told him I wanted an end to it, he blows his top and has vowed to leak the secret of that night.

I cannot bring myself to tell my husband because he would be crushed. I cannot also leave the job for fear of what my boss would do.

I am at a cross roads and needs advice from you and your readers.


Port Harcourt.”

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