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Seyi law’s Daughter: Lady Writes to advice, says she also suffered Obesity

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 Open Letter: Lady Writes Seyi Law over his Daughter’s Obesity- Seyi's response will surprise you

Open Letter: Lady Writes Seyi Law over his Daughter’s Obesity- Seyi’s response will surprise you

A lady who has been identified as Ayomide Adebayo-Oyetoro has written an open letter to Nigeria star comedian Seyilaw over his daughter’s obesity.

The lady who also doubled as a lawyer had said she as well suffered child obesity and is still battling with it. Why she has decided to interfere into Seyi law’s private life is not yet clear.

But then, this is what she wrote this to Seyi Law.

‘I was obese as a child and I still am. And I’m not the only one. Research shows about one in five school aged children are obese. Parents close their eyes to this reality by claiming the child would outgrow it. It rarely happens.


Children should be fed right, properly and healthy. An obese child is open to a lot of health really risks. I know because I am speaking from experience.


Firstly, an obese child is prone to eating disorders. Most times, an obese child becomes an obese adult and becomes prone to eating disorders because she’d lack self-control to be able to say no to good food.


Another effect of child obesity is cardiac issues including but not limited to hypertension, asthma etc. I had asthma as a child and I still do as an adult. My attacks zigzag with my weight.


Lastly, another effect of child obesity is bone related diseases. An obese child is prone to bone ailments like arthritis, rheumatism. Tell an obese person to climb stairs and watch them thank you.


Sugarcoat it all you want, the effects are long lasting. From low self-esteem to depression.

Watch Tiwa’s weight biko! Thank you!

Cc @kemiolunloyo’

There has been clear indication that the writer of the open letter is in close rapport with popular blogger, KemiOlunloye, who started this drama (as she was copied in the letter).

But then, just as your guess was as good as ours, Seyi law gave it back to the writer of the open letter, but with maturity.


See comments below on his Instagram page

The Evil called SILENCE. It is obvious people don’t understand when SILENCE is golden and when it becomes mere dust. Nigerians are the highest preachers of silence in the face of war yet, conjure evil in the darkness of their closets and hearts. We have so be littled our God given brains with the wall of silence, our average IQ has gone as low as 67. Everything evil deserves no response and justice is washed down the drain. Silence makes evil strive when truth refuses to speak. Our political leaders have strolled on our willpower by demanding for cultural respect and silence when elders speak to keep the youth away from power. We have given silence too much freedom, everybody in uniform now thinks he is entitled to exercise a right over us. The poor man will go out and scream this rich man is killing me o and because the rich man should dignify himself, he keeps quite until he is been tagged, “Ritualist”. Do you a comedian was lynched recently been labelled a badoo gang member? Why the jungle justice was been melted out and he tried to speak, some people screamed louder than him to keep quite and he was silenced by the beating till his voice could no longer be heard. Dead and gone and all that remains is regrets and the sadness that has enveloped his bereaved family. How about cyberbullying? Sometimes the bully is not the problem, but the blogs and sites that amplify their vile voices. You can call me a fool, it is okay, but come close to my family and you will live to regret it. It might just go beyond the cyber world. It is a thin line between a joke and an abuse, know it. It is very okay to learn the tactics of winning wars with SILENCE and also to gain a higher win with ACTION. If you deserve a reply even for the fun of it, you will get it, TRUST ME.

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