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If he opens the door for you, What does it Mean?

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If he opens the door for you, What does it Mean?

True lords are hard to find, that’s what most women say. And when they find one, depending on their ideals and opinions, many do not appreciate their gentlemanly attitudes.

They say it does not make sense to open the door for a lady, pull the chair. Today everything has changed and equality has prevailed.

For men, gentleman attitudes are often pondered whether they should be performed or not. After all, women may consider that they are grimaces or that they do it out of insecurity because they are domineering or because they do not know how to deal with modern women. They are afraid to look ridiculous and avoid debauchery.

On the other hand, there are women who look for someone like that and as they do not find they end up relating to those who do not practice these kindnesses. Some even acknowledge that they do not make room for this to happen. Time is so short that waiting for the boyfriend to open the car door may bother you, so they do it on their own.

Giving men the opportunity to be kind will do them good. Because love when based on service becomes strong and indestructible. When one makes small gestures of kindness to another, a light comes on in the heart. This is also a demonstration of love and attention. In a marriage where these acts occur frequently the relationship of the couple is long lasting and happy.

Looking at this prism, opening the door is a gentle act and a man can say a lot when he does it. He may be saying things like:

You are important to me

You are delicate and I want to ease your way.

I will take care of you

But not in an imposed or macho way, just an extra care that demonstrates your affection and attention. He wants to please his beloved and that’s one way he knows to do it.

Many men were raised in a home where the father practiced chivalry with their mother and for having felt protection and love in their childhood they wish to carry it on.

Some women may feel that when a man is kind enough to open the door he is implying that she is incapable or that they want to show who is in charge. To know the real intentions of a man an isolated attitude is not enough.

Whether he is authoritative or whether he likes to humiliate women this can be observed in the way he treats his mother and other family members. Therefore, knowing the person is always fundamental.

Seeking to understand and even encourage gentle acts of men will make the relationship happier and stronger. When a woman appreciates these gestures, but her husband does not have these habits, they can talk and exchange ideas of what each one thinks about it.

The kindness and respect present in the relationship make it all so much more enjoyable.

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