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Organization Gives $50,000 to Female Entrepreneurs

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$50,000 to Female Entrepreneurs


Organization Gives $50,000 to Female Entrepreneurs

Organization Gives $50,000 to Female Entrepreneurs


A social entrepreneurship organization, Spark, designed for female African entrepreneurs, has earmarked a sum of $50,000 in prize funding for the winners of their ongoing acceleration programme for entrepreneurs on the continent, through its YHER initiative.


After a One-week-long intensive entrepreneurship programme designed to fast track the entrepreneur’s early stage venture, the successful entrepreneurs will be eligible to win the $50,000 cash prize.


The acceleration programme powered by the Social entrepreneurship organization will provide training and mentorship to the entrepreneurs, and will also connect them to an inspiring group of fellow female entrepreneurs working hard to create a better world for women and girls.


“We believe the Future is African and female. We know women are vibrant and vital architects of society. We know women are the best levers for change in our world. We also know female entrepreneurs need to be champion,” the organisers explained the rationale behind the programme, in a statement on their website.


For eligibility to apply and win the sum of $50,000 in this programme, businesses with at least a female co-founder can apply.


Also, the founder must also have an intimate understanding of the problem that her business is trying to solve and the venture must exist to improve the lives of women and girls who are held back by poverty.


In addition to this, the business owners must have already launched a venture, which has been in operation for less than two years, or at least runs a pilot and have some early traction or proof of concept, with less than 100 customers.

“More women are pursuing entrepreneurship in Africa per capita than anywhere else in the world. For this reason, Spark is conducting a continent-wide search to bring together an unrivaled group of 15 African Female Founders for its YHER Accelerator.

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