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How to overcome the end of dating

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How to overcome the end of dating
In a world dominated by short-term dating, dating, divorce, betrayal, and disbelief in love, are becoming characteristics of today’s world trend.

The feeling of emptiness, that something is missing, is so strong at first that it seems to turn into a physical pain. In fact, those who cry for hours and hours, feel a pain in the chest, as if the heart were being crushed. And if he has gone, make no mistake: trying to escape from this pain is worse.

The end of the relationship may have been caused by a distance a betrayal, the wear ratio over time. Sometimes you start dating thinking that you are with someone, and over the course of months that person shows who you really are someone you would often have never been involved with. Regardless of what led to the termination of the relationship, there is a time that we should move on.

– Live and limit mourning
Do not run away from pain. If you feel like crying, cry under the shower.

If you do not want to leave the house, spend some time watching movies at home with an ice cream pot next to it. Call friends or do it yourself.

You not only have the right to do this, as you should. The end of the courtship is always accompanied by a moment of mourning, because something that made you happy is over. So do not feel obligated to always smile or go out to the ballad. Hiding behind clothes or a drink will not make what you feel will disappear.

– Do not think about what you could have done
In this phase of mourning, many think they have not done enough. That the end of courtship, in fact, could have been avoided. Make no mistake: you did, yes, all that was within your power to make this relationship work.

And if you did not, it’s no good thinking about what could be done. Do not blame yourself and do not get stuck with what was or was not said or done. It may sound cliché, but it’s over, it’s because it was not meant to be.

– Forgive
Regardless of the reason that led to the end of the courtship or who ended, forgive. Over a relationship often keep hurts or feelings bad we do not want exposed, afraid to bring some inconvenience to the relationship. If you do not have the courage to share them with someone, write down on paper what you feel and tear.

Or speak out loud all that was stored inside you and then say that none of this belongs to you anymore. If he betrayed you, forgive. Yes, it is difficult, but understand that the mistake was not yours. Allow yourself to be free from all that holds you back to your past.

– Think about the future
The end of the courtship was painful and the mourning as well. But it’s been a few weeks and you do not cry anymore every day. The pain has subsided and you now realize that ending the courtship does not mean that you will die.

It hurt, but you did. How about now living new things? Allow yourself to live the unknown. Sometimes the void can be filled with a new passion, which does not necessarily have a new boyfriend. Search for courses, sports or even a different job for you.

– Be happy alone
There are few women who complete dating and in no time already with someone else. This is not wrong, after all, everyone knows what is best for them. But why do not you try to enjoy your own company? Go to the movies alone, spend some time reading or cooking. This can be fun.

Understand that in a relationship we should not look for a half, but a whole person. If you are still broken in the middle or do not feel good about yourself, it is unlikely that a date will go the way you want. The end of courtship should serve as a lesson. So learn to value yourself more and enjoy your own company.

If you want, change your haircut, go on a diet, change your wardrobe. But learn to love yourself. When we love who we are, people see us as someone who deserves and must be loved with excellence.

So enjoy your family and friends. Look for people who help you grow and show you a new world. New friendships are always welcome, so why do not you try to resume old ties that have been lost along the way, or do you know new people?

Sometimes a friend or a trip can bring the person you were looking for but by now you were not ready to meet.

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