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How to overcome Peer Group Influence On Campus

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How to overcome Peer Group Influence On Campus

Bankole Abe

The University environment is completely different from the normal environment.It a place where so many people from all walks of life with different ideas and orientation converge to seek and transfer knowledge

In this kind of setting, there is bound to be serious Peer pressure on individuals and it can be tough to deal with, especially when you are a teenager or in your young years

The desire and hunger to meet up with people’s expectation of you and the urge to fit in and feel like you are part of a group are completely normal, and most people feel this way their entire lives.

Most peer group influence exerts pressure on an individual and in most cases, negative.The important thing about peer pressure is that it can sometimes be positive, but other times it can be a bad influence in our lives.

To deal with the negative pressure when it comes, the following tips will come handy.

-Know your personal values.Do not allow anybody degrade you.Don’t allow anybody convince you that you are a small being except you smoke or indulge in sex.

-Let your stand be known concerning some issues.The problem with most human is that we tend not to have a stand on critical things of life. You can’t sit on the fence concerning issues of life.For instance let them know that sex before marriage is a NO, NO, for you no matter the pressure and stand by it.

-Always change the subject whenever they are delving into issues you are not comfortable with. – when someone asks you to do something that you don’t want to do, you can respond by simply changing the subject.

-Always Think of an excuse why you will not indulge in any vice that you are not comfortable with.When you make or give such excuses, stay with it, don’t bulge
Learn to turn the pressure on them.This is a strategy that if well utilized will help a lot down. Use every opportunity you have to change their behavior instead of letting them change yours. Influence them positively and let the see reasons to join your positive train.
– Be very careful of the friends you move with. Be very selective in your choice of friends. Do away with friends who always get into situations like a street fight, stealing, raping, womanizing etc.

– Personally, develop new strategies to impress people instead of trying to be like them. Wanting to impress your friends is one of the most common reasons we give into peer pressure.

-Pick and be friendly with students who are focused on their schooling, and even join a club or sports team.

-Always be busy with school works and activities and avoid parties where you the drinks and drugs.

Peer group pressure can be difficult to resist especially on Campus but adhering to the above-listed points can help any individual to overcome the pressure

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